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  1. I'm getting Error code: 5H269/A when I try to enter the chatroom.
  2. I read the topic.. and though King of the Hill got renewed...
  3. 9, made me laugh.
  4. is there any word on a vanilla server? If there is one i think you could really use a few more mods.
  5. Dio x Scootz
  6. Having dealt with the staff a lot in PF2 I can tell you Yoxy wasn't one of the bad ones. The bad one's allowed high levels of griefing and spawn camping.
  7. I'd like to second this. The teamstacking and spawn camping as REALLY bad on PF2 at times an made it miserable to play.
  8. Good Equipment also helps. You don't want to be recording demo reels on a $20 headset mic. Location can also be a factor. Local radio, TV and ad agencies will still look at local talent agencies to get workers. Which brings up another point. You can't sit at your computer and expect people to come to you, people needing voice work go through proper channels to get their workers. you'll need to look at a talent agency in your area.
  9. I have a phobia of a lot of ocean creatures, a big one being baleen whales. I would never swim in the open ocean.
  10. *Gets off Pony Fortress train* Hello, another PF2 immigrant here. I haven't played much TF2 lately but I look forward to playing on your servers and I hope to have lots of fun amd meet nice people. I'm a huge fan of Payday 2 so if anyone wants to play let me know.