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  1. All this reminds me of PF2 all too well. I remember countless suggestions to the Heroes mod and many were in fact quite good, and DragonLight simply never seemed to have the time. Issues IRL is all well and fine for a few delays, but once it becomes apparent that nothing is going to happen for a long period of time then at that point you should give the keys to a trusted person so things can be resolved. The reason PF2 is going under in the first place is because DragonLight has the sole ability to change things but simply will not. He refuses to let anyone else handle things in his absence and it is the real the reason PF2 is going down. I'm sure there is at least one willing individual here that can be trusted to handle some of this. An entire community has been waiting for a promised vanilla server but I can see it will not happen soon enough to retain more than a couple PF2-ers. Even if the server were to go up within an hour of me writing this post it wouldn't really matter; we've had to deal with an owner that doesn't get anything done with their server and I'm sure most of us don't want to deal with that again (whether what you say is true or not). TL;DR give someone with the desire to change things and help out the ability to do so.
  2. I feel as though a fair number of the PF2 refugees have come here with the promise of a vanilla server and after a month and a half of nothing, I imagine quite a few have bailed or are thinking of bailing, myself included.
  3. I'd like to chime in for a moment to add some context here. The "ragebans" incident occurred when a group of players targeted Yoxy and repeatedly taunted after killing him. Yoxy asked DragonLight and he gave him the green light to ban them after some kind of miscommunication, and later they were all unbanned. Yoxy stuck through the hate he got from everyone and stayed loyal until the end. As for the banning a community member, there was a particular person that repeatedly sprayed porn sprays just barely censored enough to be allowed into the rules at that time. When the rules regarding sprays changed and this individual sprayed his sprays Yoxy warned him several times and he continued to do so anyway, resulting in his ban. All in all, Yoxy gets a +1 from me for staying loyal and not giving up in the end.
  4. If you have a mod that directly alters gameplay is it not technically a hack at that point? I don't know if I'm reading this wrong or what, but isn't anything you do to your game that directly interferes with gameplay a cheat? HUDs and stuff can make the game more enjoyable for some people but it doesn't actually change gameplay.And for custom sounds I'm assuming you're referring to the default hit sound? Isn't hit sounds one of the few things allowed in sv_pure?
  5. If you really want to play the objective and you see everyone is sitting around being friendly, is it too much to ask to go to a Valve server instead?
  6. You could also do a plugin that checks peoples' chats and if it starts seeing the same string over and over again it'll know to take action by itself, whether it be a kick or slap or whatever you guys choose.
  7. Tip: muting someone through the TF2 menu also blocks you from seeing their chat.
  8. I'd like 10 keys :P STEAM_0:0:43196123 Edit: whoops, messed up my ID
  9. Which fic if I may ask?
  10. Drink it and change myself into a super hero that can do anything, then use my powers to make more potions only I can drink. You're walking along one day and suddenly everyone is turned into a pony. Everyone runs home scared, leaving you to take whatever you want. Wat do?
  11. I would take it and use it to turn myself into a pony and stop them. You receive a very convincing offer from some guy over the phone telling you that you won tickets for a plane flight to a place you've never heard of. Wat do?
  12. Use his fork in the summoning ritual for endless waves of rice. You summon too much rice and are now drowning. Wat do?
  13. Pictures.
  14. Call her out on a technicality because ponies don't technically have arms, therefore you win the arm wrestling by default. Celestia sues you over the contest and you don't know how to justice system. Wat do?
  15. Banned for non-nonsense.