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  1. "Something isn't right here. What's with the suspicious look?"
  2. Dogs
  3. Tell Spike to hit the bricks. You are looking for a music roll for your own needs by the name of Invincible, but a horse of the same name drops instead. Do I get rid of it? Wat do?
  4. 7/10 for the fake glasses-beard trick.
  5. Banned for not having those glasses on your face.
  6. Civilian.
  7. Box
  8. Mission
  9. Ducks
  10. Banned because everybody knows that face is the place.
  11. And an entire pizza, plus breadsticks, pops out. I put in a pepperoni.
  12. Sit back and enjoy the ride. You're in the apocalypse, and you see an idiot vandalizing his own house. Wat do?
  13. 157/-6
  14. A paper suit.
  15. "Son of a bitch! I had lethal on the board, but of course he topdecked a Pyroblast!" Salt-inducing Person: *A recent opponent has sent you a friend request* "That was a fair game. I'll go tell him GG."