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  1. Psssh, 511 hours on TF2. I gave up on that game a long time ago.

  2. New layout; so fresh, so clean.

  3. tenouddaten
  4. Stuff like this. Nothing gets the blood pumping like martial music. Helps that it's from one of my favorite video games of all time.
  5. At the moment, there is just too little to the game itself to give a fair analysis (or to even expect what it'll be like once finished), I don't mean that in any sort of insulting or demeaning way, because you've clearly put a lot of time and effort into this (it shows with the environments, imho). I am assuming that this game is still in the (fairly) early stages of development, which is perfectly fine with me. But as I stated earlier, there's just too little (at least, currently) to give a fair and adequate review of this game-in-development. That being said, you do have a fantastic base for what could possibly be a fun game. I urge you to continue on this project.
  6. tenouddaten
  7. Bronies are funny, dammit!
  8. Yoxy gets a +1 from me here too. As much as I've ragged on him in the past (and believe me, I have), he really is one of the better mods from PF2.
  9. I'll take one! Been needing a drawering of my female OC for a while now. I'll send you a PM regarding the details. Thanks in advance
  10. It's better than insisting that everyone who doesn't play the game exactly like you do shouldn't bother playing the game at all. There's a time and a place for everything; if everyone on the server is playing the 'fun' way, whining like a little bitch isn't going to do anything (and imo, this issue is being blown way out of proportion; I've rarely seen anything like that happen barring new taunts being released). You either keep whining, or man up and change servers. Should the 'fun' stuff be largely kept on the Funbox? Optimally, yes. Am I going to start berating and insulting people because they want to conga or whatever? No, because I'm not a petty child.
  11. CS:GO is completely different from TF2 requiring more understanding of a unintuitive aiming system rather than teamwork. So while I may play GO it is far from a replacement for TF2 I was referring more to the generally more competitive attitude in CS:GO and the fact that CS:GO is specifically designed for that sort of thing, especially when compared to TF2 and TF2 pub servers (like Ponyville).
  12. No, it's taking it too seriously when you start insulting people for wanting to play more relaxed games of TF2, or if they want to have a fun-server or whatever. At this point, I'm honestly surprised you're still around given the kind of shit you've been giving people here. Tell me, who would shoot down such a genuinely good idea? Forcing random team selection would make the servers a lot more balanced and largely prevent teamstacking. So why was it shot down on PF2?
  13. "Stop trying to have fun guys" Steel, Mac and Vin do raise valid points. From experience, I can say that teamstacking, mostly on the part of the more competitive players, was a major factor in why I stopped frequenting the PF2 servers (and I can assume the same for at least a fair number of people). I, like many others, would rather not spend an entire game being spawncamped by a group of players who take TF2 a tad too seriously. At the end of the day, Ponyville is a pub server and should be treated and marketed as such. While the so-called 'fun' style of play doesn't have it's place in normal TF2 games (we have Funbox for that), neither does this obsessive behaviour over competitive gameplay. You want comp, stick to PUGs. Better yet, play CS:GO.
  14. You're boring!