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  1. to do that, they'd actually have to encourage people to go on the chat here and actually have a website community that doesn't just lurk on the forums
  2. Wind Waker HD was only good because they made a terrible game actually playable. Twilight Princess HD barely has to make any changes to the original TP because TP is a good  Zelda game.

  3. S T E A M S A L E






  4. I don't even care how many hours I have. 1463 isn't alot.

  5. I can't get them out of my head every night and it's just been bothering for these past months. And it's even more annoying that I don't have the will or courage to commit such act so it's just really dumb for me to even keep having these thoughts. I've been to a psyche ward many, many times and I'm afraid that my therapist will send me back if I confess despite having no reason to harm myself. tl;dr Why do I do this to myself? Am I actually suicidal or do I just hate myself?
  6. please fix it :(
  7. Did someone set the IP chat limit to 0? Please change it back ;-;

  8. who set the chat limit to 0? WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  9. Still broken, lol. heliosalpha.net for some chatting
  10. They finally did it...A weapon to surpass Metal Gear!
  11. Have a Happy Festivus.

  12. I would a drawing of my character sitting on a jack-o-lanturn, please.
  13. Sleep? Where we're going we don't need..sleep.

  14. proper bread times don't exist on mars