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  1. Yeah, but you are definitely, 100%, by my blood to satan, getting yours in the next week or so.
  2. 95/100. That picture feels frikin' brutal.
  3. Hello, people of Ponyville (and possibly some PF2 refugees)! Welcome to my Shipping Project thread, where… well, what else? Shipping happens! Now, contrary to what you might be lead to believe by the title of this thread, this isn’t just normal shipping ponies, this is shipping PF2 (and, now Ponyville!) members. For example, here’s the (Clean) Shipping Document when I was on PF2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gJfZ9LTa0EpalOVZzX-jsLIpbILI1ywrzl1UfMGeusw/edit?usp=sharing While you may not understand who these people are, the point still stands: You can get yourself shipped with another PF2/Ponyville member, or, if you want, a pony from the show or just an OC, though, I’d prefer if you ship yourself with a Community member. To get a ship, add me on steam (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198072902397/), wait for me to accept your friend request, then, I just need you to fill out a form or two and leave the rest to me! What happens in the ship is completely up to you, such as the plot point, situation, location, whatever you want. This also means it can be any type of ship. However, if you want a Clopfic, you’ll need to friend the other person who is writing for the project, Vgameboy00, who should respond to this thread with his steam account. Happy shipping!
  4. Epic Face
  5. Hello, everyone! I, too, am a great traveler/refugee from PF2. Call me David. I'm the stupid lame pun guy, so if you're friends with another crazy pun enthusiast, you probably already know me. Fluttershy best pony (Come on, she's so cute), I'm usually found on the forums, I try to help out with stuff, and I main heavy. Pleased to meet you ^_^. So would we be twilight sparkle going to ponyville now?