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  1. Uh? Why cant I Edit Older Posts of mine?

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    2. PBandJ Commando
    3. Smugleaf The Smug

      Smugleaf The Smug

      It was always something we could do on pf2, but it would make sense that would have that. But I guess that not the case. :^(

    4. sarysa


      Oh believe me, I'll rejoice if everyone gets the ability to edit forever.

  2. How do you get the hats on the characters anyway? Is there a merger or do you Use PAC3 editor?
  3. My pokemans. I wish I could show y'll But 3ds is broken. I keeps popping when I turn it On. As the XY tv series, Its cool. I haven't been keeping up on it tho. Also my name is one giant pokemon reference
  4. Edited Link for the upper Post^ I dont know why I cant edit my posts.... Wildfire-Pride Colors: Wildfire Ignitus:
  5. *Fedora not mine. No tips were done to m'ladies
  6. I gots somthing new for yalls Next Will be Wildfire.
  7. Here's Yours, sorry for the wonky lighting.
  8. I have it done. No body said if they wanted me to wait to get my scanner set up or take a pic with my phone so... pics it seems like. Hey i don't mind waiting, i can wait Well I don't know how long your gonna wait so I'd think I'd should post them now
  9. oiajskdlnijasndn new people...meep....

    1. Hazard Time

      Hazard Time

      The refugee camp as been set up about a mile outside of town. Please present a valid ID before entering Ponyville proper, thank you.

    2. Smugleaf The Smug

      Smugleaf The Smug

      *gives a pouty face and runs to the camp*

  10. I have it done. No body said if they wanted me to wait to get my scanner set up or take a pic with my phone so... pics it seems like.
  11. Oi! If you haven't already known, I do Art. What kind of art? this kind... Still Dont know what I draw? Well I draw:Colored or Black and White Human, Pony, Or Whatever it issafe, sugestive*, nsfw**​​*=Not sure if can post or not... **=Cant post here. Just contact me then, I used to do requests. Now I do commissions and I show my work here. I could once in a while do some requests, just check the thread. ;3 When finish with something, I will post the pic and/or the DA link in the thread Completion time is a little "skechy". lol. All art pieces will have my Signature "Elvis//Lopez-2015" if you have requested or commissioned something and want it without my Signature, PM me and I will Send you the Signature-less copy. To look at recent finished works, Please, check my DA, Derpibooru, or FA _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Currently Working on: Toki's Request(pf2)Aaron's Request(Pf2)Coloring Some GiftsColoring some peices_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Places to Find me: DA: Derpibooru -Ask for Link- FA -Ask for Link- Commission Info And List:(Opening Soon-ish) Current Commisson Queue:
  12. No, Be nice. Anywho... *Clears Thoat*goshimsousedtohavingjusthavinganentirethreadforyourintorduction I Am the Pokemon Refuge From Pf2, It is I Smugleaf The Smug! Most just call me Smug. I was a Usual on Pf2 for 3 years then my attention went to another Game for a year, but I was still very active on the forums. And now im here! I Also Staff on 2 Darkrp pony servers Known as Ponyliving and Ponyapocalypse, Hence I was away from tf2/pf2 for a year. I Do arts so I'll be opening a thread soon for showing that off and start to do commissions very soon. I do both the safe and not safe stuff, Now due to the Forum rules of not linking anything nsfw I will not be linking anything on my profile or thread(s) Just pm for that stuff. But I think Its ok for like cropped out stuff. If i can get a confirmation on that please. I Also Do some Rp as well, and yes again, the safe and not so safe stuff. so dont be shy to call me up for some rp. I mostly rp as Wildfire Ignitus (I'll color that soon), But i'm very flexable with who i play and what kind of rp. Finally a little about my real self. Im 19, Bi. I have a BF, that I may refer to now and again. Our oc's too are even going out too. its dang cute. I flip flop between my dad's place and my mom's which has my main computer with my games. I just need find a job up here with my dad and save up for my own dank mlg computer. I likes the pokemans, Fallout Equestria, animu, mlp, and fallout. Well thats all, m8s. That was quite lengthy so im gonna pass out now. Stay Smug guys. (~ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)~ *passes out*