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  1. People kept calling me mad and calling me names when I called out the friendlies yesterday and said there's no issue with people taking up 2 player slots and preventing people from potentially getting mini-crits/crits when they're last.
  2. Very not likely to happen. It would have barely worked (i.e. the segment would be featured on Botchamania) if Rose was a babyface; but now that he's a heel, there's 0 chance that this will ever happen. T'was a joke :p I can't even think about "OH MY GOD IT'S A BRONY MAGGLE!" without almost dying.
  3. They had a bunny in WWE some time ago with Adam Rose... I wonder if it's too late to revive that storyline with a pony. But seriously, Corey Graves + brony = win.
  4. All of you guys complaining about where the american servers would be, and here I am averaging 100-120 ping and playing perfectly fine... o-o I'd really like some normal TF2 too, along with a ton of custom maps (maybe rotating certain maps every few months for good variety) and say sounds.
  5. KFC is good. Although when I went to a 'Murican KFC, they didn't even have chicken fillet burgers which is my #1 thing to get. Is it like that all over? And well, I just woke up and heard that Brock Lesnar threw a car door and it hit someone in the crowd... GG Brock.
  6. I'm surprised nobody's commented more on this with "Not What He Seems" being literally 10/10 best episode of any cartoon I've ever seen, probably rivals most shows' mid-season finales that I've seen. Anyways, "Tale of 2 Stans" is 30 mins long, NO COMMERCIAL BREAKS, and on July 13th. Here's to Disney hopefully not doing like an episode every month or something that will almost kill Gravity Fall's momentum. Oh, and teaser for "Tale of 2 Stans":
  7. Wow, what the heeeeelll? Do you work somewhere... naughty? Okay, lame joke aside, you should've totally called security on her o-o But hey, free bonus watermelon is good.
  8. "Hug me! or i'll murder you AND your family!"
  9. Self-explanatory, just tell us about how your day has been today. What have you been up to? School, work, going out somewhere, staying at home, go ahead and just unleash your tales with us today! :3 As for me, it's been quiet at home. Just finished season 5 of Community and watched some more WWE. This summer is literally just me watching loads of things, nothing else.
  10. 10/10, would look at Onigiri riceball Rarity again. And again. And again. Repeat.
  11. Jug's gamemode sounds like a decent alternative to MLP Heroes, the amount of heroes sounds crazy and 32/32 instead of 24/24 doesn't sound that appealing to me other than mass chaos but hey.
  12. I'm going to keep things civil and say the main problem with having quad models instead of the mercs is that newcomers will have absolutely no idea which pony of which class from which team, resulting in having frustrated players who will most likely never come back on the server. As Staryoshi said, TF2 has a cast of very easily recognizable classes you can identify at first sight and instantly know if they are on your team or not based on their color. Using quad models will not only make it hard to know which team everyone is, but also make every class model very similar so unless you exactly know the layout you will have no way of finding what they are until they shoot you. And seriously Aeth...? It's been less than a week and you ALREADY have to insult someone else because they don't share your point of view...? They were nice enough to host us and pay for an IP chat specifically for us so STOP BEING A SELF ENTITLED ASS FOR ONCE!! ahh Danke Yoxy .. when we do get a Stock server let's keep it stock for awhile then let's bring back up the Quad Models again and see if everypony wants them or not... I'd like to pop up again with my recommendation of making them end-of-round models :p
  13. 10/10, looks like me if I was a pony, skinny, longer hair, and blue.
  14. What about just making the donor pony models activate when the round is over, when you also get the 20% Cooler thing above your head?
  15. Hmm, fair enough. As it is, of course it does look like there is little interest but to be honest, I'd think that there would be a lot of interest in at least the Nintendo section judging by how active it was on PF2 and the added community here but of course I can't really comment on Microsoft and Sony's sections although I think they constantly had new threads going. Either way, I agree with Steamworks that this current layout does not help keep certain topics grouped together and therefore many topics can potentially be lost under the first page (granted, you do have topics last posted in 2013 but really, that should be "fixed" soon). Regardless, your say is final so I'll go with that. Thanks for reading the thread. c: