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  1. I need to update this

  2. Going to be Spending a few days with Wish in PA. Im so excited ^w^ <3

  3. I want to get into Competitive Airsoft. if for no other reason than to make use of all my airsoft guns collecting dust. But im in NJ, and there are no airsoft places here
  4. Are you like the official welcome wagon, Steel Crescent? Because i feel like welcome wagons need pastries. And i don't see you giving out pastries.
  5. Fun, but samey. There are only so many times you can run the same missions over and over and over again before you think to yourself. " What am i even doing this for again? " and you realize that the game play has gotten stale. and so you stop playing. At least until parkour 2.0 update comes out.
  6. Because anything can be bought or sold with the right OIL!~
  7. And It looks like Brone wins without a contest :p Oh well. at least someone wanted the ticket.
  8. I need to get back into video editing

  9. So due to some unfortunate events i am no longer able to go to BronyCon this year. Sad as that may be, one lucky person on the forums can get my ticket. already paid for. I'm going to be raffling it away. You will still need to plan your own trip to get there and a hotel and such, but you will have the ticket to start with, or maybe you are already going, but have a friend you want to bring. If you are interested in getting the ticket, just post a reply to this thread Saying that you want to join the raffle, and i will add your name to the list, and on July 15th. i will pick a name at random and that person will get the ticket. The winner will be sent the ticket PDF via E-mail. Good luck, and to whoever wins, i hope you have a wonderful time at BronyCon! List of current entries.
  10. My greatest fear is hurting the people closest to me. Or being unable to protect them. This is a rather complicated thing... so i wont get into detail. But just the thought that i can't be there for someone when they really need me, it scares me more than the thought of harm to myself. Aside from that, not much scares me. (emote to lighten mood of heavy post)
  11. So what? I just post something here that i need to get off my chest without worrying about anyone responding to it? Yeah ok... I am absolutely terrified to ask the person i love to marry me. And I'm partially terrified of the fact that I'm even contemplating marriage at all. Also kind of terrified that the person i want to ask might find this post. And posting it is dumb, but i have to get this off my chest.
  12. Today will be good or bad depending on weather or not i can easily get a replacement fan for my computer, it may not be an important fan, and my PC is liquid cooled so it could probably survive without it, but with the summer heating things up i would rather not take any chances.
  13. You are welcome to share any of your characters here. I want to talk about character design in general so go ahead.
  14. How many dragons does it take to Make some waves in the forums?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Squishy


      2.. you and Caboose.

    3. The_Mr_Kumar


      Doesn't matter: Fairy Types all the way.

    4. kulsoria


      none, cause no one calls the dragon knight