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  1. I DIDN'T,55.274184,3a,75y,179.44h,84.89t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1swnVKVa6AGWOYnaH6Ie627A!2e0!3e5!!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x3e5f43348a67e24b:0xff45e502e1ceb7e2!6m1!1e1 ITS AMAZING
  2. I'm looking into going. I might have to choose between this and Bronycon though and I'm not sure which I'd rather sacrifice :/
  3. Hello, I'm another refugee from the Pony Fortress 2 ship, if you'll have me. So, not many people are probably gonna read this, but those who know me know that if I put a word in, its gonna be a long word. When it comes to essays, it isn't done until its overdone, as far as I'm concerned. Besides, those who don't know me already probably won't get to know me very well otherwise. I'll be around, just don't expect me to really post. Or join chat. Or play on the servers. Or like anything. Just don't expect to notice me, really. So, I'm Luca. I currently reside in New York City, but by September, 2015 I will have returned to Montreal, Quebec. My father is a Filipino opera singer and my mother is a Scottish actress (both retired). For as long as I can remember I've had an interest in video games, even before I started playing them at the age of 6. I've been playing chess since the age of 3, and that mindset of strategy carried over to the digital world - I have a preference for strategy games, particularly Fire Emblem and Paradox's grand strategy franchises Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings. Until the age of 12 I had not really touched PC gaming. I primarily played Nintendo games, particularly Pokemon and Fire Emblem. My migration to PC gaming, where I have solidly remained for the past 4 years. It was from Minecraft that I learned of Team Fortress 2. After it went free to play in 2011, the Minecraft community I was a part of hosted a Team Fortress 2 event. Because I didn't want to suck the dirt during the event, I downloaded the game pretty much days after the Uber Update and practiced pretty much nonstop until the event. I ended up sticking with the game even afterwards, and my time in Minecraft grew lesser and lesser as I spent more time in Team Fortress 2, until eventually I stopped playing Minecraft outright. I experimented with all the classes, but I felt a strange gravitational pull towards Sniper/Spy... Is what you're expecting me to say. No, I hardly ever play those classes, actually. My class of choice is the humble Engineer. The pusher of carts, the stationary Heavy/Medic combo, the silent pardner played by one of the LOUDEST people you will ever play video games with if you ever actually end up playing with me. And, actually, from Team Fortress 2 is how I learned about My Little Pony. About a month after the event which initially pulled me into TF2, a couple of my friends and I were playing on a pub. There was a person on my team named Pinkie Pie. He was top of the scoreboard on both teams, absolutely obliterating everyone. Of course, after a few rounds there was an auto-scramble, and one of the people on the other team was put to the same team as him and I. This person almost immediately started throwing insults at Pinkie Pie. Now, at the time I had no idea that MLP:FiM was even a thing. I had seen sprays and stuff, but I thought they were just some sort of internet joke. I didn't know there was any MLP tv series, or even that these ponies I was were MLP characters. So, being the kind of person I am, my squeaker voice arose to defend this "Pinkie Pie". After this, my two friends, who just happened to be bronies, said "I didn't know you were a brony, too". I asked what that meant, and the rest is history. From there, I eventually found Pony Fortress 2, which was early on in its run. Pony Fortress 2, particularly early on in its existence, had a very strong competitive scene. The pride of Pony Fortress 2 was Tune Squad, an ESEA IM team, in addition, it was not unheard of for Invite players to show up on our servers, such as Tagg, who actually has at least 1 video of PF2 (specifically the MLP Heroes mod) on his channel, and Shrugger. Unfortunately, I hear that this competitive mentality might have stirred up some problems in the way of server mods. I offer my apologies on behalf of the whole PF2 community for any flamewars we may have started. In addition, there were many PF2 UGC teams, one of which I eventually belonged to - Nothing Personal, who would go on to one day win UGC Steel. By the way congratulations! If you actually read this far, add me on Steam to receive a free key prize! PF2ers are exempt from this though. You guys already know me. You ain't gotta read this what're you doing here? You can stop reading now if you like. Then again, there's only 1 more paragraph before the spoilered dark and edginess, so I think you can spare a few more seconds. I have played Engineer in competitive for more than a year, and I currently play for one of the upper-crust Silver teams, Disingenuous Assertions, although after this season I plan to retire from highlander and focus on my 6s team, which atm consists entirely of PF2ers, One Drip Pony. My focus on TF2 has sorta died down, though. Outside of competitive stuff, I don't play the game much anymore. Nowadays I focus more on Dota 2 and, well, real life. I'm not a child anymore. I got life problems. And an income based off of personal labor instead of the labor of those I am dependent upon. Which is why I can afford to find out just how many people actually read this far. ACTIVATE DARK AND EDGY BACKSTORY BECAUSE APPARENTLY I'M A 9 YEAR OLD'S SONIC OC Thank you to whomever read this. Hope any of you I end up interacting with and I can get along!'>Feel free to add me on Steam here. Have a nice day!