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  1. I am drunk and listens to Status Quo :P
  2. I go with fried pork with onion sauce
  3. Depends what you think is scary, Serious Sam Every time you hear the headless bomb running guys you shit your pants :P
  4. I never seen myself as a brony... But I love many works across the internet with art, videos and humor Screw the haters! You found something that you enjoy. Keep it up!
  5. Enjoy ponies!
  6. I'm afraid that so many people have so many stuff on their desktops. How do you manage that?
  7. Alrigth folks, how many of you do remember this magic jewel? Arcanum of steamworks and magick obscura? My little opinion why this is the best rpg of all times. Why? 1: Magic and technology is in peril/war with each other and if you go magic, technology stuff won't work on you. So does te other way around. In many games these major things go in hands like there is no problem.... 2: Rushing in battle without any scars? Here, you will be mildy punished. I mean look for every battle in games, rusing in and fight without getting any damage (loosing health is nothing) You have beauty stats! The more prettier you are....welll the more people like you 3: Races, elf, half elf, half orc, orc, half ogre, (OGRE?!), human, dwarf halfing, gnome (are they not the same?) Short people for me have disappeared from modern games..what I know 4 Awsome story! Do you remember this game?
  8. Lets get a little sweet tune here
  9. I go with a sane one
  10. Yeay no work tomorrow so lets go for sane music
  11. Kulsoria 1: Yeah on that point I can understand 2: Hehe yeah the honor system....how many times have they changed that? I lost the count :P 3: Well actually I played on Argent Dawn and it had pretty good open RP back in the days noooooowww......well I'm batman style :P 4: True on that, but can't never get over the new face animations....oooh good!! Well yeah GW2 and Everquest. Then you have Tera Online though I wonder how much booze they drank before coming up with the races :P 5: Yeah I know but then atleast they could give the expansions free after all those sub years :) just a dream The most creative expansions for me was Burning Crusade but I skip the Hellfire Peninsula on the release day haha! But MoP was really good and they started to get down a bit to their roots and things. Then came WoD and slapped it :P Flutters3469 What halloween update? I don't know much of TF2 history :) Disowned The Title Guy Whhaaaa You did not like the magic appearing giant turtle or the Large island cloaked by mist? And pandas that stole you're beer? :P
  12. I'm a hamster that is kinda forgetful