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  1. I have some catching up to do here :o

    1. Nagol™


      get on or i will find you and i will hug you.

  2. so what do I have to do now? 0-0
  3. Hey everypony! Sorry for not being here for a LONG time. My life got busy and I couldnt play that much. So tell me what I missed so I can get back to playing :D
  4. wow this is what happens when I miss everything :o
  5. but now im kinda mad that I have to fix the damn door
  6. i dont use steam and yes, contacts would be nice
  7. for your infomation I don't know how...
  8. I am okay when someone takes my stuff from my house or takes blocks from the buildings I make, HOWEVER... NOW I am super pissed that someone MESSED UP my three by three piston door on my castle in steampony and didnt even bother to tell anyone about it...
  9. I dont really care if ilose anything, its the griefers who keep griefing me is what frustrates me
  10. well well well, looks like more things of mine have been taken and griefed. That is unbelievable
  11. can u tell me who did it
  12. Do you want me to be a police officer for your home? nah its fine
  13. meh its fine, I just hate it how everytime I leave, someone griefs me
  14. well u know, griefers these days :P