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  1. This has been addressed multiple times, and he has been warned multiple times for the same thing. It was hurting player's ears, as I said. It was completely uncalled for. If I still had the logs, I would post the complaints about it here. Anyways, the problem was already addressed, so there was no need for this, and he will be unmuted as soon as I am able to. Thank you for your concern, but I already have it under control.
  2. Like I said, if you need me i'll gladly discuss the issue with you over private chat. I'd be happy to work something out, i'm just trying to do my job here. From what you did, it shows that you didnt really learn your lesson. Talking a lot has nothing to do with what you did, it was the same screaming right into the mic that got you into the same situation. I also never really said a time at all, if I had the choice in my little admin panel ingame, i'd mute you for a week tops. Of course, I can only mute you for 1 map or perma. So that's what i did, but it is definately only temporary.
  3. Alright, well this can be cleared up easily. 1. I've warned him multiple times about not being loud like that on the mic. He completely screamed and made an obnoxious noise that hurt player's ears. 2. He was muted the previous night for the same reason, screaming right into the mic, hurting people's ears. I don't know if it's too hard to be able to learn after being muted for the same reason only 24 hours earlier. 3. Making false claims about how i feel about you is sort of wrong. Actually, I do like to have you around, even if things can a bit too rowdy with you at times. Platano, if you have further questions about this, or if anyone does, just send me an add, or send me a message right through steam. I will respond ASAP.
  4. 3 of those points are not needed to be able to be a mod/admin on this server, but let us go over the first point you had brought up. - Although he has told people they were breaking rules, it's usually on people he rather dislikes. I've seen players that he is friends/close friends with on EU that he does nothing about. - Knowing what the bosses do does not help the server in any way, but it's always a good thing for everyone to know. - Donating has 0 effect on reaching mod/admin status, nor will it ever. - Humor has nothing to do with being a moderator/administrator, you don't have to be funny to become one, nor does being funny increase your chances. Overall, it's a no from me. I've seen too many of his friends be friendly with him doing absolutely nothing about it, and the 3 other points do not help in any case.
  5. I would like to reccomend 3 people to become moderators of these servers Shadow Dancer: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198174072786/ Ivory?: http://steamcommunity.com/id/horsesorgtfo/ ♥ˢᵉˣʸ Đashiє♥: http://steamcommunity.com/id/xXRainbow_DashXx/ These 3 players showed me that they know what they are doing around the servers, and actively try to keep everything in line when a mod/admin is not there to do it for them. They have called me in several times to help deal with a problem that they are unable to deal with on their own, as well as asking about things like exploits, rules, etc. In my opinion, these 3 people would do very well as moderators of VSP.
  6. Zeke has been said to be a bit too aggresive, and I have experienced that first-hand. There are posts before this that explain how he is, so I wont be restating. If I see that he isnt how he was, then I will change my opinion on this matter.
  7. Only problem is without staff, people could just get people muted for no reason other than they just don't like that person. I don't think it would be a good idea, it would just make it much easier to troll other players, and depending on the amount of players that are the "spammer's" friends, they might not be able to be muted at all. Though it would make things much easier, I just don't think it would work out, giving the type of people who play these days.
  8. Volcanic is played constantly on both Funbox and Texas servers. I would like to agree with removing this map. Not only is it very poorly set up, with easy ways to abuse the lava and win, but it also crashes the most people. The lava seems to crash people, as in if a hale dies in the lava, sometimes mass amounts of people will crash. Another problem on the map is Snowdrop. Snowdrop being picked on this map will crash 80% or more of the server, making it so Snowdrop has 30k hp fighting less than 10 players. Plus, all of those players need to reload the server entirely. Particle Fixes? I think someone had fixed Snowdrop's particles awhile back, but playing her still crashes most of the server on this horrifying map. Thank you for reading this, and I hope this map will be removed. Along with Beach.
  9. Not to mention there is a spot where widowmaker engis are unkillable. They go under the spawn.
  10. Cant wait for more Season 6 

  11. Awesome new layout, actually loads quickly instead of waiting 10 minutes. Great job. 

  12. Heheheh. Been playing too much lately :3