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  1. I think this would probably fit better over in just the General Discussion forum. :>
  2. I get crashes every time I close TF2 since about... well.. maybe a month ago, on Windows 7 64-bit, still don't know what it is, or why it isn't fixed. :/ But none during the game itself...
  3. Looks like the map made it up to Equestria Daily! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/08/another-tf2-pony-map.html
  4. After playing on the servers for a bit after trying both the Pinkie Polka cart_rolling.wav and installing a new sound mod that changes dispenser noises to a PonyBeat song, it seems the PonyBeat song likes to play from the cart now, as well as dispensers. I can see why, seeing as the cart basically acts as one, and is probably coded as such.
  5. I'm not all that savvy when it comes to server-side mods and servers in general, as I've never really messed with them much. But I did make a video for ya'll to take a look at. I used a different version of the music, but that can easily be swapped out for whatever. And at the very least, we have a client-side way of getting this working, for anyone that wants it, until a server mod is put in place. .. Pretty sure this song is stuck in my head now, haha.
  6. Great. More payday loans. Bleeeh

  7. Well, I like all sorts of music, but rap just isn't my thing... I grew up listening to music from the late 60s-early 70s, thanks to my dad, so I like quite a few bands and songs from the Vietnam War era. Other than that, I like classic rock, (GunsnRoses, AC/DC, Boston, etc.), electronic music (Lots of stuff here. Blagh.), and some alternative rock stuff. (The Bravery, etc.). I don't usually indulge in my classical music tastes, but I find it nice to listen over classical/vocal as background music at times.
  8. Well, my first picture I posted I failed with the linking. Here's that photo again!
  9. Hey there everypony! I'm Dreynbow Dash/Dreytaloo! I change my name quite a lot, haha. But I'll always go by my real name of Phoenix! Yes, really! Anyways, I'm a college student working towards a degree in Computer Forensics, a parkour enthusiast, and all-out pony fan from Central Pennsylvania. I found myself spending loads of time on the Ponyville TF2 server lately, so I only saw fit that I should donate a bit towards the server, and just now.. well, join the forums and get into the community a bit more. Hope to see ya'll around!