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  1. I think Raini might be getting robbed http://i.imgur.com/LF5k1SS.png

    1. Disowned the Title Guy

      Disowned the Title Guy

      Its only the forums that have a 20s delay in load-time, which is most likely due to a backend PHP thing, not DNS routing or bandwidth. Also, you just published your public IP :P

    2. Lemondrop


      Fair enough. I don't know enough about networking to make the diagnosis on a slow network. Forums have always taken 20 seconds to load and well you know the rest

      I don't really care if someone knows my IP. All it'll show is what city you live in.

  2. Pictures as signatures are dumb. If you want people to look at your pictures, at least let them do it of their own volition and put it on your profile.