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  1. In case you were interested.
  2. In the interest of trying new silly things, who wants to play some b-ball?
  3. And to think I passed it off as just another annoying April Fool's joke. Rampage was actually a huge favorite of mine back in the Sega days. Just a shame they didn't include a multiplayer mode with Kha'zix as player 2.
  4. So, I inadvertently figured out how to swap out splash art today, and decided that Bankplank deserved a new image. Needless to say, I'm quite pleased with the result. Step two: swapping out everyone's load screen splash art to Draven-face photoshops.
  5. I'm currently looking for buyers for my Series 40 Salvaged Crate and my Kringle Collection. The crate, I'm aiming to get around 14 keys for, and the Kringle, around 5. Steam would be the ideal way to reach me if interested in either.
  6. Figured I ought to throw this out there while it's still not last-minute, but it's beginning to look more probable that I won't be attending. I'll update later should things end up changing.
  7. Emphasis more on promote; I've become quite fond of it as a pushing tool, particularly in defensive situations. When my team gets holed up in base, running out just enough to clear some minions and promote one of our own often saves a lane for quite some time, if not pushes it back to the next enemy turret. Unattended to, promoted minions are often were able to a lane around, often even putting in some substantial damage on a tower before getting killed.
  8. 75 questions and he couldn't guess Balthios James. For as long as Akinator's been around, I feel like I should be surprised.
  9. Hell, she even made me want to cry. And then I soloed three of their champions, and life was good again. Aye, I won't disagree there. I tend to get fairly aggressive when I see an opening for a kill, moreso with an ally nearby. Top laners don't tend to be an issue in that regard, and middle is generally only bad when I'm not watching for ganks. Bottom, however, can suck immensely, particularly when ranged CC is involved.
  10. I'd hate going against a full global team... Playing as a global team is something I'd be interested in giving a shot sometime, if just for kicks. I can just imagine how infuriating that would be for the poor bastard that managed to catch the team's eye. Every single time. And, after several mediocre rounds, I finally managed to catch my break for the night when Ahri decided to put ten kills on my plate. Would have thought after the third or so expunge, she'd have learned not to stick around once I'd landed more than one attack on her. Or at all.
  11. Also, I tried Twitch for the first time today, and was quite pleased. After an initial first game where an Elise got fed heavily at the beginning of the game, my next went 23-3, and were it not for Pantheon breaking my chain, would have included a pentakill.