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  1. https://www.facebook.com/Boxwars/info/?tab=page_info Every year a gathering of trained warriors (People with too much free time) equiped in the most advanaced armour and weapons (Made form cardboard) gather in force to efficently and ruthlessly destroy (Hit things over and over) the onslught of the enemy (More people with too much free time) until victory is claimed by the greatest (whoever has some armour that has not been torn to a million bits). I will be joining in for the fighting in the Austrlian branch, I dont think anyone here will join me down under, but they have groups all over the world, you dont have to bring anything, you can just stand in the crowd and watch. So yes, if you want its a good chance to meet people who are more insane then you are.
  2. I have allways had a deep intrest in history, especially in terms of weapons and armour. Generally anything before about the 17th centry, with a strong focus on medieval history. Swords, axes, spears, pikes, crows, ballistae, trebuchet, bows, crossbows, dead cows. You name it and I can tell you something about it.
  3. Well then...... Umm.......... Yes!
  4. I have a deformed right pinkie finger!
  5. Hello everyone, you may of heard about me from my fello PF2 friends, although I dont mind if you have not. Either way, im a rather famous fan of ponies*cough* in the PF2 comunity, and although I am saddend as to the shutdown of PF2, I eagerly welcome the chance to get to be part of a new comunity. And you thought you could escape me Dusty, didnt you? But dont worry, im still here~
  6. Hello, dont mind me, just another refugee from PF2. Also to anyone who may recognise me... Hello~e