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  1. if it's not too late to join Name: Jeb Race: Changling( his current form is that of a grey pegesus) Age: 204 sex: Male Personallity: He is wise and knows alot about a range of subjects, 204 as a changling is equal to a mid life pony in terms of age. After he left the hive mind of his queen he begain to starve and then he ment Nikola Tailsla and with his help created a drug that stops a changlings need for love. He takes a shot once a day and can go a week with out before he begains to starve. OOC: put me were you need
  2. I just got far cry 3 for cristmas on steam and wanted to cheak out the map editor. After serching around I found it so i start it up, then 20 sec later it crashed saying "Far Cry 3 map editor is not resopnding". i tryed it again and again with diffrent settings but it still doen't work. I looked on the inter webs and other people are having the same thing trouble. My hope is that some were in this community some pony has a fix for this.
  3. I'm Always up for RP depending on the theme i will choose a OC
  4. Sadle Araibia, Ar and AP spells TG spells. FIM Fiction Jst Exploded

  5. "Well this is new" Post said with a grin He did his best to look at the wall but, if he looked for more then a few secs it gave him a headach "How can i find the order if i can't look at it" he said with a annoyed tone "Wait, Chaos is all in the eyes of the beholder, one pony's chaos is another pony's order. I am a Child of Chaos!" Edgar say with a grin Post closes his eyes and faces the wall, not hard since it was around him "If my plan works works I'm safe, if not one of three thing will happen. One, if this is a dream and I die, i wake up. If this is some twisted version of real life and I die, I die simple as that, i have nothing to live for and the only reason i am still alive is for my drink, wich there seems not to be any around. Three, I don't die and get traped in some Chaosey area to go crazy, for the second time" Post say with sigh "You hear me Creature!, I won't play your games"Pst shouts at the sky "Annibell, I will be with you soon" Post say shedding a tear. Post closes his eyes and runs at the wall, He jump at it.
  6. OOc; not too sound hasty but there is a pony waiting behind a wall, and with no riddle at that
  7. "Must be a dream" Post says looking around at the upside down house which he was in the middle of of "Too much to drink, again" he says to him self with a chuckle "Well lets get out of hear" he says as be begins to clime up the wall using anything he could get a hoof hold on
  8. Occ: no offence but can i ask for a little detail like upside down dome is like a bowl how big is it?
  9. Well then lets try, some one known Edgar Allan Post A former equestrian soldier now writes poems and horror stories he has great fame in doing so Has a thing for drink and likes to smoke He is also parinoid, slightly crazy He is a grey Earth pony with a white mane and tail. He has green eyes, and his cutie mark is a pen with blood driping from it (Get the refrince)
  10. (Occ: I thought that was a symbolazation of something) "I'm sorry, this won't hurt a bit" Jec wipers to the blue pony He moves over to her and opens his mouth, his neck begins to pulse. what seems to be pink smoke begins to come from the blue pony mouth and into Jecs. When it was over Jec felt the pain subcide a little bit. "Not much love in this one" he thinks to him self
  11. "My Sorrow and guilt, gone" he says to him self slowly " the curce apon me, but also the reason for my drive, to move foward. All gone" he says to him self The pain in his stomach remided him that this was not over, the pain had now spred to his chest. "You have yet to keep your word, Give me the Drug or give me more test" Jec says with a calm,but angry tone Jec Begins to hum to him self (this song:
  12. Half way done with LOTR extended edition, 1 more disk and 1 more movie to go

  13. Jec felt pain in his stomach, he had begun to relaps Looking at all the pictures tormenting him "I am always hungry, I must always be fed, The finger I touch, Will soon turn red" "what could it mean" his head was spinning, "Damn this relaps" The pain in his stomach was worse now, like a fire in his stomach "Fire, thats it, Fire" he thought to him self "Fire" he shouts "Fires the awnser"
  14. "Well then if Thats the case" Jec say with a small chuckle Jec walks over to the button with the Letter E one it, and pushes it