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  1. Ummm Sorry to pester for the bat out of hell was that meant to be only on scout or all classes? The reason is I can probably think of patch to make it scout only just need to test it.
  2. Must resist urge to make broken/evil/insane mvm waves ;;giggles insanely walking to the muffin factory
  3. Arrested with celestia huh? DARN IT i knew i shouldn't accepted those cupcakes from her XD
  4. okay tested it on normal texas server and the VSP texas server donator is not active on both but mod powers are active on both
  5. well people are starting to make custom missions for MVM some of them are pretty challenging or downright silly
  6. ;;pouts i wish advanced weaponizer 2 would allow custom weapons like these lol i would try to implenent these ideas on a server in heart beat and give credit to whoever made the ideas has well
  7. with SOPA and now this bill it makes me really wonder what they are smoking in the government >.> oh well since its too vague it wont pass anyways i hope
  8. i think what hl2.exe said pretty much sums it up the hub probably wants to stick with what they doing ;;shrug;; more money that way if they steam stuff like hulu.com however that would work in their favor
  9. why not if its like 10 or twenty bucks ill give the game a shot
  10. why not ill dig around and pull out a diamond rom and give it a shot though ill probably end up grumbing in a corner with a cloud over my head lol
  11. ehhh not much to say got orange box in 2008 after playing other games finally got around to play tf2 a while later was hooked on playing engie and couldnt put it down lol
  12. ;;shrug;; i dont do much play rusty hearts play xbox360 games play around with various computer programs(sourcemod,xen, etc)
  13. ehh to be honest my politicial views are other/something else i understood politics to a extent but i tend to stay away from it tends to give me a headache plus i believe that both parties have too much corruption now a days ;;shrug;;
  14. cant wait for borderlands 2 hopefully they will keep the siren abliities around i like the phasewalk burning zombies in a instant muahahaha
  15. ;;shrug;; honestly i believe in the supernatural like psychics etc more then magic but by extension i suppose i do believe form of magic exists but probably hasnt been found yet