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  1. If I created a rule outlining every conceivable circumstance for violating Rule #1, our MOTD would be pages long without end. Understandable. maybe if there was a link going to another page explaining violations in detail in case anyone was curious but that would seem like work and probably not a lot of people would click it anyway. regardless i do think a bit more diligence is in order. i'd make a silly suggestion to keep track of who asks but considering some people change names more than a criminal on the run that'd be stupid to even try and do. :^| I don't really get the big deal behind it. If they ask the question more than once, it may be because they didn't get the answer that they were looking for. I doubt most people really do it to be malicious or just do it because they're confused. I can relate with heckling because of how your voice sounds, I went through it my entire life from all spectrums of positive to negative. They could be trolling yes, but i don't think that they are doing it just to get at you considering that most people are just curious. I mean this is the internet, people catch aneurysms whenever they catch a female on it, especially in video games. So it's not a shocker that he'd think you are using a voice changer. I'm pretty sure every girl on the interwebs has gone through the story of "Oh he's really a guy doing x to pretend that he's a she for y reason" which in this case would clearly be false. The guy in question here could've been asking because he was genuinely curious. In other cases; I agree that it could've been a troll, but it doesn't seem like it's that huge of an issue to really mute people over if they ask it one or more times.
  2. 4/10 Could be better, not important or cute enough to impact pokeverse. GG no re
  3. Everyone knows the only decent dragons are Dratini evo line and Goomy evo line. Only dragons that aren't scrubby and disgusting
  4. Darn Tootin Ice is pretty popular though. People seemed to like them more after Gen 4(I could imagine). The least popular types taken from a poll were: Fighting at least popular, 2nd place was Normal, 3rd place was Rock Whist, most popular were: Dragon at number 1, Fire at number 2 and Ghost at 3rd I'm shocked Fairy and Dark wasn't top 3
  5. I've never met a person who's said that Fighting Types were their favorite. Or someone who said Normal was Guess those are the only pleb types. Other than Dragon of course
  6. Tyrone confirmed best person on internet 2014.
    1. Whatever You Want

      Whatever You Want

      Oh shit, it's fucking happening.

  7. Don't worry Haze, I forgive you! We can still be the best of friends Thank you for maning up and admitting to it though!
  8. Nah cake, this is the first time they've been right in a loooonng time. Let them bask in it
  9. Meh, not enough people were working on it compared to the others who wanted it the current way it was. And to be honest, I kidnapped most of the regulars and transitioned them to my TF2 vanilla server that I run.
  10. RIP Jackie Chan, you will be missed.

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    2. Simple


      For someone who has been here since 2011, your continuing behaviour is unnecessarily condescending and calling a co-founder someone who "got picked to be admin" is just blatant bait.

    3. Screwsies


      My feelings are hurt.

    4. Screwsies


      And it's rather "pot calling kettle black" that you'd call me condesending

  11. hellarudeandcondescending/10 You expected anything else?
  12. Tada!
  13. I have a obsession with wearing stockings now. They're comfortable and they feel so.. right