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  1. Hi I am back from being so salty for no reason and after playing on other hale servers I have a better understanding of why things in vsp work the way they do so I'm going to be back playing again. Sorry but I need to add this. By "fixed" I mean that it would be on par with the other weapons in the pyros arsenal. All of these changes aren't huge and therfore aren't very important but I feel like if they got added in we could have pyro be fully balanced, at least in my opinion. The ones that I feel that are the most important though will have a * next to them. I don't know about other classes but I think pyro is in a pretty good spot besides a few things here and there. I have begun playing vsp again and after playing on some other hale servers i've learned to stop complaining about stupid things like neigh down and stuff and just learned to adapt to it. Anyway here is my pyro list of things that I think could make the class more balanced and have most of the weapons be useful. *Reserve shooter is broken but I heard you are already fixing it so thats fine. *The axtinguisher needs a fix, it still doesn't do anything. I think changing it back to its original form would be a good idea but without the ammo reduction nonsense. A health reduction would be better if you really think its that powerful. The stock flamethrower needs its extra damage bonus from medics removed. It's good enough as is and is already the most reliable flamethrower in vsp. The phlog needs to regen health on its taunt, its supposed to be a high risk high reward weapon but you can't really do anything with it because as soon as you flare jump to hale you won't have any hp to flare jump out when the situation gets bad. *Backburner is really good as it turns out but it needs its extra ammo consumption removed and then the weapon would be fixed. Degreaser needs its damage reduction removed, but thats it. The extra airblast nerf with tough break I feel balanced the damage potential with the weapon since you need to stop using flames to not chew ammo. Scorch shot could use with its damage reduction removed. *The fragment should have an ammo reduction. The benefit of the fragment is you don't have to fight hale for more than half a second with it unlike the axtinguisher which is more towards getting in hales face. And thats it. Everything else isn't really worth fixing because its either balanced already or is just not worth the effort. Nothing I posted would make any big waves (at least I don't think they are that out of the box) but all these suggestions would simply bring all the weapons to an equal place when compared to the pyros other weapons. I really do think thats everything that pyro needs balance wise and would love to see people tell me what you think. I also don't have an idea to fix spells because while they are obviously broken I don't use them enough to make suggestions. Sorry for the bad grammar and spelling.
  2. Hello vsp community, today I would like to do some science, and I would love if you guys could chip in and help me out by answering these 10 quick questions, please be as honest as possible. So here is what I'm asking. 1.What class do you usually play in vsp 2.What class do you think is the most underpowered (does least amount of damage and has low sustainability) 3. What class do you think is the most overpowered (does most damage and sustainability) 4.Do you think most hales are over powered? 5.Out of these 4 what kills you the most (lag, super jump, rage or neigh down) 6. What do you believe is your average damage you gain on hale,per life 7.If you are having a bad day, what is your average damage per round 8.How long have you been playing vsh/vsp/ff2 type game modes for. 9.On a scale from one to ten how good are you at vsp in your opinion 10.What two classes do you do the most damage with (not what you are best at, what classes give you the most raw hale damage) Try to keep the answers as short and sweet as possible, if you can't think of an answer just take a well educated guess. Thanks! Also sorry for the grammar mistakes auto correct in iPad and all.
  3. Sorry about the 4th reply might of came off a little strong and it won't let me edit it.
  4. Than that must be some sort of bug somewhere, something unintended. It is impossible for that to be true when it happens on a regular basis, that or my eyes deceive me. You are completely correct. Not everyone is spamming superjump... the other 10% are running around holding their mouse one down and using the rage meter as soon as it's filled and are winning somehow. 5 seconds is not nearly enough time for a cool down on the superjump itself but you a correct, that's not the reason it's overpowered. The reason it is overpowered is because it can launch you half way across the map and like you said, makes you harder to hit. The longer cool down I suggested was the only possible way I could think of fixing something so broken without destroying it entirely. New vsp twilight buff confirmed, because of her abilities and how her character is in the show we have buffed princess twilight sparkle to literally fly and be able to freeze everyone on the map whenever she wants! Also pinkie should be able to break the 4th wall and crash people's games with her rage as well as have the player know everyone's date of birth. I don't know how to air strafe properly, at least not at a high skill level and I'm better at it than a lot of people in the server and they spam super jump and get by just fine. The problem is with the ability itself, I don't know how in what universe a being that can stun, one shot, have a TON of health, have extra abilities tacked on and have the ability to jump farther than a soldier and negate any vertical knock back with no downside whatsoever can be deemed balanced unless you played something like demo or snip... sniper... or spy. Now I'm REALLY curious. I wonder if there is a trend between class mains and their interpretation of how balanced hale is, I'm going to make a new discussion and find out! For science of course. Toddles!
  5. If you are looking through the document I would hope the axtinguisher and the degreaser get fixed. Also would like to hear your thoughts on the spamability of super jump and weigh down if you dont mind Simple, not sure who controls hale balance but you balance weapons so I would assume you balance the other things as well. If you agree with the notion that super jump and weigh down are too easily spammed than I would hope for you to consider increasing the cool down on these abilites and if you don't find super jump and weigh down spam to be a problem than I would like to ask you for tips to countering them because i've tried basically everything.
  6. And thus we reveal again the core problem with vsh, vsp, and any other spin off. The basic mechanics. I wish we would just patch the things tough break broke and keep quiet about weapons for any class, including pyro and focus on actually balancing the true problem with the game mode which are the bosses mechanics themselves.
  7. Hope I didn't come off too aggressive, it's late at night.
  8. Like I said go nuts, I'm totally on board with it. Gonna have to disagree with this, I would take fighting a pyro for about half a second and then killing him by abusing the weigh down function over sitting in spectator for the round to end any day. This isn't a buff to airblast, this is to stop hale from abusing the weigh down function in ways that the creators never intended via spamming it in quick succession to get a boost of speed that the pyro can't stop. It is almost the definition of an exploit but it gets a pass for some reason because lol, pyro. I'm not saying remove weigh down I'm just suggesting a longer cool down to stop it from being spammed, it will change almost nothing due to the fact it's supposed to be used like once anyway. Scout's will always succeed at annoying people, his speed is annoying. Engineer will always succeed at annoying people, sentry guns are annoying. Spy will always succeed at annoying people, dead ringer resistance is annoying. Sniper will always succeed at annoying people, his absurd range is annoying. Especially when you're forced to melee only. (Sarcasm on) Now while these annoy most people I am of the minority that hates soldiers rocket jumping to health packs so I suggest we make weigh down control gravity on use to drop the soldier out of the sky since it already stops the power of air itself. (Sarcasm off) Don't want weigh down removed or vertical knock back would be a literal nightmare for hale, just want it to have a cool down of about 2 seconds once you touch the ground. And it's fine if people rage pyro because rage is there to stop annoying things like engineers, scouts, and pyros. The difference is hale LOSES his rage meter if he waste it on one person, but with weigh down there is virtually no drawback. And I honestly can't imagine hale being pretty much impossible to win with if we gave weigh down a slight cool down when he can already jump halfway across the map and one shot 8/9 classes especially to airblast when no ammo from dispensers, rage, 2/4 flamethrower's not built for airblast, degreaser nerf, no ammo in general, reload abilities, and the tough break update stopping air stun during multiple airblast are things. That's not even mentioning other minor problems such as ping, the airblast not registering in time, or your team to actually be around and have you shoot the hale. If anything sniper, demo, and engineer have a bigger impact than a puff of air that deals no damage requiring teammates to take advantage of while those classes can go lone wolf and almost solo hale. TL:DR I want weigh down to have a cool down of about two seconds when hale touches the ground and not doing this because the main function and gimmick of a class is annoying is not an excuse to not fix it. If that's the case we shall smash medics glasses so he can't see anymore twilight zone style.
  9. This has happened a few times and nothing makes me want to throw my computer out the window more than hearing. "Hey guys lets all go demo and practice trimping on beach, its a really cool map vote for beach guys!!!!" During a map vote. After being raged or neighed down to death I get the reward of sitting down and watching 5 demos sit and delay the round and have most of the server cheer them on and laugh at how funny it is to sit and wait for a billion years to play a round while being called salty because i'm no fun and since I complain that the demos are wasting everyone's time because they just want to practice those l33t trimping skills. Remove it please.
  10. I like reading Pyro weapon stats because it lets me find ideas on how to mess with people so lets take a look. To start off I like the way pyro is going on the vsp server which is being a damage class instead of a support class which is there to build hales rage and basically be a punching bag. (Any weapon I don't mention from your document I agree with fully.) Phlogistiantor- I don't think Simple or people on the vsp servers would like seeing uberd phlog pyros again, but I am down with the changes. Volcano Fragment- Still think it needs the 150% afterburn damage bonus to be a side-grade to the axtinguisher. Overall I like all the pyro changes. Phlog changes are fine but I don't think Simple or people on the servers will like them. Volcano Fragment probably needs 150% afterburn damage to be a side-grade Everything else I think will be great additions to the pyro's arsenal or are properly balanced All the changes boost pyros damage ability but still make him easily destroyed by people who spam neigh down, aka anyone who is competent. But that's fine I guess... I will proceed to annoy those people and try to time them out and end the round in a stalemate until that is fixed. Wanna truly fix pyro tho? Give neigh down a longer cool down of at least a full second I think that's fair right? I like being able to airblast hale and then use a secondary weapon without being smacked in the face instantly. Its literally a rage that counters no other class but pyro and the occasional sentry gun/heavy and takes no damage to charge. Its gotten to the point where not only have people found out how to abuse it to counter pyro but they can LEAP FORWARD with it. As in I will burn them while holding s to maximize flamethrower damage only have them jump in the air and then neigh down and then jump and neigh down again to be boosted about 3 feet forward, cancel my airblast and then smack me in the face. The only way to counter it is to hold down right mouse which doesn't even work sometimes and then waste all of your flamethrowers ammunition after dealing around 200ish damage and then have hale be on his merry way. Needless to say I am very salty because it makes all the flamethrowers that revolve around burning hale for damage or ANY pyro weapon for that matter near useless. I already hate having to camp in building because hale can jump halfway across the map and make sure that building doesn't have a low enough ceiling for hale to jump off it, I don't want to have to also watch out for the most deadly thing every map has that is literally unavoidable... the floor. Sorry for the rant and sorry for the bad grammar.
  11. Forgive the double post but it also seems the reserve shooter is bugged at the moment and doesnt actually minicrit when you airblast targets. It wasent really useful anyway so I think using this bug is a good excuse to probably change its stats up a bit to make it more special. Im going to make my balance ideas around a pyro using the reserve shooter (because lets be honest, what soldier ACTUALLY uses the reserve shooter). So at the moment the stock shotgun has a +40% damage bonus and fires I think its +25% extra pellets I cant remember off the top of my head but its a LOT of damage. The reserve shooter on the other hand has a +10% damage boost that minicrits airborne targets with 3 shots in the clip compared to the stocks 8 AND a faster fire rate where as the reserve shooters only other saving grace is that it makes you switch slightly faster. So basically the stock shotgun is WAY better than the reserve shooter on the server so lets fix that with 2 ideas. IDEA NUMBER ONE Reserve Shooter +Target is engulfed in flames (208) +10% Damage bonus (2) +Crit vs burning players (20) -10% Damage penalty vs non burning (21) Keep switch speed and negative clip size IDEA NUMBER TWO Reserve Shooter +Target is engulfed in flames (208) +60% Burn damage increase (71) +Mini crit vs burning player (209) +20% Damage bonus Keep the switch speed and negative clip size I personally think idea number one is more powerful than idea number two but I think idea number two has more of a fun and gimicky aspect to the weapon because fire is always fun to play with. The ideas I gave are kinda just out of the box to make the weapon something special. In all honesty a +30% damage boost instead of +10% and removal of the clip size would probably make the weapon decent in vsp but I like the idea of making it more of a niche weapon for pyro since the only other class that can use the shooter is soldier and I dont really think any soldier uses the thing.
  12. Personally think the Degreaser needs a fix still though. Comboing is still possible, but its so much more difficult, and much less rewarding. Not a huge point in using it now over the other flamethrowers, especially considering the nerfed airblast cost and damage penalty it has. Suggest it be boosted up to at least ~50% on holster time (199). Gonna be honest here. I love the new tough break update because it buffed all the flamethrowers, even the degreaser changes are more of a buff than a nerf. That being said however, the degreaser in vsp is utter garbage and isnt good enough to be worth a primary slot so here is my suggestion to change it. Remove the damage penalty and just make it like the original stock flamethrower damage wise in tf2 (attribute 1) Increase afterburn time by +50% (attribute 71) Flame spread area increased by 20% (attribute 162) Flame ammo per sec reduced by 25% (attribute 174) Increase weapon holster by 60% (178) or (199 im not sure) Keep the extra airblast cost Keep the burn damage penalty On the axtinguisher and volcano fragmenet which are the actual damage weapons in the degreaser combo. Axtinguisher needs its slower switch speed and firing speed removed so it can actually axe combo, nothing else needs to change Volcano fragement needs +150% afterburn damage increase instead of 100%. Ive played with this weapon for a long while now and the inital burst damage of the axtingiuisher still overpowers the actual damage of the volcano fragements afterburn in terms of usefulness and damage dealing potential. That should fix everything pyro related for tough break in terms of vsp.
  13. You can still axe combo with all pyro melee weapons with the degreaser besides the axtinguisher (no idea what the actual f*ck valve was thinking with that weapon), besides that everything is bascailly the same on pyro and nothing broke too badly besides the fact that the flamethrowers do slightly more damage from the tip of the flames. So I guess fixing the axtinguisher would be about all thats needed.
  14. These maps will be added. But first, could someone test them to make sure that they work? As in examples on other servers or putting them on a test server. We can do that, but it will take a bit before that's available. It would speed the process up if anyone can make sure that the deathrun maps actually work and don't crash on startup or the like. Me and my friend stardust have both played these deathrun maps and just to make sure they work we took the extra step to run them through console and see if they break and they are fine and all of them are passable by sniper (besides winter valley). Here are three deathrun servers that run these maps. retroservers.tf #2 WO2 ( skial ( DISC.com community ( Keep in mind we can find more deathrun maps if people want them, me and stardust just picked the most popular and played ones on these servers. Thanks for adding them, its always great to get new maps!
  15. SPEAKING OF MAPS. Funbox needs good deathrun maps. Most people on funbox dont enjoy deathrun due to the fact that most of the maps arent very good or exciting. To solve this, we can add new deathrun maps that people on 24 hour deathrun servers run that are usually chosen and played. http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/184894 http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/182962 http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/178596 http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/187778 http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/179257 http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/185944 These are just a few of the really good deathrun maps the funbox server fails to offer. Sorry about the links, I cant copy and paste links into here for some reason so I typed them all by hand. All of these are found on gamebanana obviously lol. But I would honestly LOVE to see some of these cool deathrun maps get added just to spice things up a bit you know? Deathrun is boring and hated by most people, its actually a common practice to troll the entire vsp funbox server by nominating a ton of bad deathrun maps lol. On the topic of vsp maps however I dont find any of the maps super silly besides the ones with broken spots that have already been named. Dunes comes to mind anyway. But I wouldnt mind adding some newer maps to add spice to the server, its just I really want these deathrun maps added in so we can give funbox some actual good deathruns besides saftery first, office, horrors, and sawmill. This would also help remove some of the bad deathrun maps like cubed, slay, dust and the others I cant remember. Sorry for my bad grammar in all my post but just wanted to throw this somewhere, hopefully important people will read it. Also if anyone knows if there is a better place to post this please tell me, I almost put this in the boss suggestion thread because the maps are almost as important as the mechanics themsevles.
  16. Played the FNAP boss(es) about 10 times myself and fought against them a fair bit, here are my thoughts. Fluttershy- Fluttershy is no problem but you can combo the cupcakes with rainbowdash for some cool attacks. Most players wont actually do this though but just a cool little thing to point out. Rarity- Rarity isnt that bad once you get used to her however on some maps she can be a pain (maps with only one hp pack). Besides that shes fine, I play pyro and dont have ammo problems if that says anything. Rainbowdash- This rainbowdash is fine to fight against, her speed isnt really a problem but thats probably just because im a pyro. Although I dont have a problem fighting her as other classes either, shes actually just a balanced rainbowdash lol. Twilight- I used to think this life was the most broken thing ever until I played against it a bit more. The rage itself is rather easy to avoid just by getting stuck on a bit of the map and doesnt hit unless your in the air or hale is just rushing you. The rage itself cant kill anything above 147ish hp which means medics can survive it. Only thing is she can hit players during it but she only gets enough time to hit at most like 2 people with it IF that many players actually get stuck in the thing. Pinkie- Havent seen a single person use her rage well besides me. Its not overpowerd by any means but I just think people dont understand it very well. Applejack- Probably the weakest and most powerful life of the bunch. Shes REALLY weak when a map has more than one hp pack, but if a map has a low ammount of hp rarity can just sorta block off all sources of healing from you. So shes her power is dependant on the map which is either really easy or really broken. Overall- Overall the boss so far from what ive seen (not counting my plays) has a 40%ish win rate. Most brain dead players cant just play it and win easily like they can with applejack or rainbowdash which is a good thing. Heck, even some DECENT vsp players have yet to win with this boss. I personally think the boss was well put together and isnt overpowerd or underpowerd (compared to the servers other bosses at least). Again sorry for the bad grammar in all of my post.
  17. Honestly I really see what my problem with scout in vsp is now. With pyro it was obvious, he had a ton of weapons that had a ton of stats that needed just a tiny push in the right direction for him to become better and now holds the spot of the most average and fair class in vsp. The problem with scout is now obvious to me as well. He has a ton of random crap on his weapons that hinder him for no reason like -7% movement speed on the soda popper or some of the weapons are just overpowered for no reason like the baby faces blaster with its extra damage and accuracy. With me adding the scouts weapons back to base stats it makes him look BETTER than he is in vsp right now lol. The only thing added to the soda popper is the no fall damage which just stops scout from having to run for hp packs constantly with it. I honestly think if someone is going to be using a gimmicky weapon they should at least be rewarded for giving the effort. The fan has 100% base stats, but it has some weird stuff added onto it for no reason to hinder scouts for using it. The fans push force depends on how much damage the actual blast gives so I don't think it would be too much of a problem to give them a secondary back. The crit a cola thing only gets about one good shot in at best since the other shots will be fired at the boss from far away. The hale can just rush the scout while the crit a cola isn't able to be used. Also i'm doing the exact same thing with the pyro document. I give it to as many people as I can, have them look at and edit the document and after about 2 weeks of peoples ideas and thoughts I send it to reaper and he gives it to simple so he can take a look at it. What you saw the first time was the rough draft and this new one was keeping your thoughts and others in mind.
  18. Thought about the document, played scout a bit more on vsp. My new draft basically just puts everything the scout has at stock level and then adds a tiny little buff to everything. Nothing big, just stuff like reload speed or accuracy simply to balance him out. Scout just has a ton of dumb stuff on his weapons that try to solve the problem of him running around but end up gimping him in other areas for no reason. You are 100% correct, scout does not need a major buff, but he can easily take a slight one so he can stand up to the other classes. Hopefully this document is more to your liking. And it also nerfs some of the overpowered stuff like the baby faces blaster,three rune blade, and fixes straight upgrades like the fan o war. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Edmy_2m4whBQD77ajvdx7i05EXKI7EHrfAT7hwi2DCM/edit?usp=sharing Keep in mind that even if you get weapon suggestions in they wont be the exact same because simple will add some magic to them.
  19. Scout stuff https://docs.google.com/document/d/1so3i2vVGdd2QhE1zzjC6N1-d6-p8tUbmwR5-I6bWBfk/edit?usp=sharing "I'm a freakin' blur here!"
  20. I feel like the weapon info should be updated so when someone types !scout they aren't confronted with a wall of out dated text.
  21. You are gonna need to go into your sharing options and edit that so people can view it if they have the link. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_j5wFL-pYK1PI8meKOF3OdjgQdfawtuNAb9h_oY0Pmc/edit?usp=sharingThat should do it Also, while I like how you wish to fix the vaccinator keep in mind that medic is a SCARY class in normal tf2 and in vsp. He has the ability to make any class instantly deal x3 damage and take 0 damage from any sources in vsp. In normal tf2 he is the reason why teams stay back and play around ubercharges. Buffing medic in any gamemode is super scary which is why most of the medics unlocks in normal tf2 (kritz,vacc,quick) arent insanely powerful. Medics weapons in vsp can use a fix, but I would never BUFF them since the class itself is so much better than any other class in the game mode. So in short Dont buff medic I like the vaccinator Im afraid of him.
  22. Anything that makes pyro have even a little variety and not totally suck is great. They're kinda horrid right now. I used to like playing pyro like 8 months ago before they were first nerfed. Kinda absurd that they've been made worse lately, and some of the recent negative changes didn't even have anything to do with airblasting- Like the backburner. It's been totally killed. I heard from a little bird that some of my pyro changes will be added in unless my bird lied to me. Hopefully the important ones get added in and we can have pyro be half decent. If anything im honestly surprised that almost everybody I talked to had NO IDEA that the third degree gave uber and vs some hales on some maps is an instant win, guess thats what happens when everybody only plays the same cookie cutter classes in vsp without trying new things.
  23. You are gonna need to go into your sharing options and edit that so people can view it if they have the link.
  24. After playing vsp almost daily and hearing "airblast spam" and "pocket phlog op" and constantly hearing the backburner being awful over and over I made this. This little document is a list of pyro changes that was made in 3 hours and a few days of input from friends and random people on the funbox and normal texas server via forcing them to read it over and over. Hopefully some of these changes will make it in and pyro can match the other classes on vsp in terms of power level and not be a complete joke of a class slot. Or at the very least give some new toys to play with. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q7kupDGgFk2y-7z56oMmMrgWSKIQlPimUtnCUHakM48/edit?usp=sharing Basically just copying what Brony Down Under did and he got some stuff changed so im just doing the same thing. Reaper please forgive me for making you go insane after reading it about 12 times.