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  1. It is imperative that you update TF2items to the latest build (277). Today's TF2 update changed something that rendered the player's viewmodel invisible if using a weapon spawned via TF2items.
  2. If living spectators are still a thing: stock AssignTeam(client, TFTeam:team, desiredclass=1) // Move all this team switching stuff into a single stock{ if(!GetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_iDesiredPlayerClass")) // Initial living spectator check. A value of 0 means that no class is selected { SetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_iDesiredPlayerClass", TF2_GetPlayerClass(client)>=TFClass_Scout ? (_:TF2_GetPlayerClass(client)) : desiredclass); // So we assign one to prevent living spectators } SetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_lifeState", 2); TF2_ChangeClientTeam(client, team); // SetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_lifeState", 0); // Is this even needed? According to naydef, this is the other cause of living spectators. TF2_RespawnPlayer(client); if(GetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_iObserverMode") && IsPlayerAlive(client)) // If the initial checks fail, use brute-force. { TF2_SetPlayerClass(client, TF2_GetPlayerClass(client)>=TFClass_Scout ? (TF2_GetPlayerClass(client)) : (TFClassType:desiredclass), _, true); TF2_RespawnPlayer(client); }}The problem is caused when m_iDesiredPlayerClass is 0, followed by m_lifeState interfering with TF2_RespawnPlayer when it's set to 0, which causes m_iObserverMode to return a value that isn't 0. In MakeBoss, change the "false" value on TF2_SetPlayerClass to: !GetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_iDesiredPlayerClass") ? true : falseThis will always make sure m_iDesiredPlayerClass has a value set, because when it's 0 or an invalid value, it is one of the main causes of living spectators. This stock replaces this code found in MakeBoss, MakeNotBoss, and event_round_start: SetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_lifeState", 2); TF2_ChangeClientTeam(client,OtherTeam); SetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_lifeState", 0); TF2_RespawnPlayer(client);
  3. TF2Items, build 274 or later now required.
  4. Don't forget to update SourceMod to latest build, and update tf2attribute's gamedata (if that's used at all here), and TF2items to build 273 or later.
  5. Currently:
  6. As of now:
  7. Not sure if this is confined to pre-1.10.x and it's forks, or if affects 1.10.x as well (since I have a private FF2 that is based on a 1.10.x fork). Either way, it's a simple fix if it's just a pre 1.10.x exploit, just use the method 1.10.x uses that prevents players from going to the wrong teams.
  8. Understood. We all need to take a break at some point. At least you acknowledged the problem and you're doing what you can to overcome it. PS: Just to save you some time on the double HP bug for demos regarding Donut, this should fix it. You should be using SetEntityHealth: stock void IncrementHeadCount(int client){ if(!TF2_IsPlayerInCondition(client, TFCond_DemoBuff)) { TF2_AddCondition(client, TFCond_DemoBuff, -1.0); } int decapitations=GetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_iDecapitations"); SetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_iDecapitations", decapitations+1); int health=GetClientHealth(client); SetEntityHealth(client, health+15); TF2_AddCondition(client, TFCond_SpeedBuffAlly, 0.01);}To also address your m_iMaxHealth issue (yes, i look at the comments in the code, lol), it's supposed to be used like this: int maxHealth = GetEntProp(GetPlayerResourceEntity(), Prop_Send, "m_iMaxHealth", _, clientIdx);Again, should be using SetEntityHealth: public void HealPlayer(int clientIdx){ // damnit valve, why is max health so useless. // gotta go with the hack fix instead int maxHealth = GetEntProp(GetPlayerResourceEntity(), Prop_Send, "m_iMaxHealth", _, clientIdx); maxHealth += 100; SetEntityHealth(clientIdx, maxHealth);}
  9. On the sourcecode to Donut's subplugin (not sure if the fork is up to date with mine), look for these: For the MvM shield-related stuff: 499 ; 50.0For Overheal Expert (affects overheal duration and rate) 482 ; 3 For Healing mastery (affects revive rate): 493 ; 3
  10. Hello, i'm sure most of you may have heard about me. I'm Blitzkrieg's creator. Many of you may or may not have seen my brief appearance during Donut Steel's debut, I even played as him during one of the rounds. I'm sometimes here and there from time to time. I main scout, soldier and demoman on TF2.
  11. This is actually a Valve glitch, and it affects not only all the other hale servers I've been on, but in theory it could affect the actual arena mode. (though the cap point prevents it from being a major problem, I who actually plays on arena?)I know what the cause is...would take some research to determine if an automated fix is viable. Just check if the "m_iObserverMode" netprop returns a value other than 0 while IsPlayerAlive returns true. Always worked for me this way.