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  1. This might help.
  2. Europa Universalis IV comes out next week for anyone who could be interested.
  3. Recreating the roman empire is fun. Its what to do after thats the problem Im having.
  4. God bless the Enclave. God bless America!
  5. Pineapples... That is all

    1. Cha


      Bananas beat all of your insufficient fruits.

    2. Ponargonian


      By bananas Chu means penises.

    3. Cha
  6. Ive been thinking about getting it when it drops in price.
  7. I was turned into a newt!?! But I got better!
  8. Anyone else play the fine games made by paradox? The one Ive been playing the most has been Crusader Kings II. I also like to play Victoria 2 from time to time. Nothing is better than ruling a world of pixels. Deus Vult!
  9. We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is Futile.
  10. "There are 4 lights!"
  11. The crawler from fable 3 RIP Walter
  12. Spike for citadel council
  13. "Machines that fly through the air! Lightning flung from one's hands! Mechanical women who live in boxes! These things I have seen!" -da Vinci
  14. "What am I, a doctor or a moon-shuttle conductor?"