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  1. it catches me off guard at times, the english is not great but it's understandable. the poem seemed serious and war like but then with one sentence it became humorous and funny, work a little more on the spelling but apart from that good going!
  2. Wow, i have to say this is an amazing poem, full of passion for your work, the emotion is high and personal views fill it up, the amount of work put into it far exceeds even a lot of my own! you truely have a gift with words... time to up my game!
  3. hmmm.... less emotion than before but still nicely done, you seem almost distant from what is going on, try to write a poem about the famillies who were left behind, the pain and worry they felt and how amazing it felt to see the soldiers return... or how devastating it is to lose them. just an example. the whole "lets write about the army" is not a very strong topic, but it's all up to you, after all it's your poem
  4. ahem, did you read "the guardian" ? that was a happy poem about a spirit saving lives.and to lord fluffy! Amazing work so far! i'm really feeling the work put into them and the emotions are strong within, very well done. pte.koach your work is well on it's way to becoming really great, as much as i prefer long poems this one sums it up nicely, theirs a sence of pride and passion, fighting to see their loved one again is truely something to write about, keep it up! sterling fist. The idea is new to me, the way you have written it is different to what most are used to but it works, their is an element of confusion around the whole thing but the basics are clear. perhaps try and make it sound more like people talking to one another instead of opinions read from a book, so to speak, it just felt a little... absent, little emotion and i cannot tell what your beliefs are which can be quite powerfull, it's a nice idea and could work, keep at it! i am working on a new poem as we speak, one shall be filled with angst where as the other shall be a twist to the previous poem.
  5. i'd say free verse gives us more options and can put real emotion into it, subject...most of my work is dark, bloody, or just whatever i'm feeling at the time, usually takes me a max of 5 minutes to make a poem so i'll be fine with most work, you?
  6. YUP! collab it is!, genre? anything to be included?
  7. Gee thanks! Nice to hear some constructive critisism, spleling is for chumps lol, i will take your thoughts into consideration and shall think harder while i work on my newer ones! Hehehe sure! we will have to share ideas and maybe do a joint operation Lol nice, i'll take a read through ASAP, a little busy ATM but soon lol
  8. hey all! i had an idea, it might allready exist but i can't figure out where, how about we open up a commission thread? artists give their details, prices (if any), style, what they will or wont draw (safe only or 18+) and comissioners say what they want and can either ask a specific artist or throw something out there and hope someone takes it on, Name: Style: Safe/18+: Prices: Commission list (how many you are working on right now): here is a guid to help you out ^^^^^ i'll start. Name: Derpy Doo Style: Hairy (Quick slashes) Safe/18+: safe Prices: Free for Sketch/Line art, colours may vary Commission list (how many you are working on right now): 3
  9. *squee* HAVE A MUFFIN! *launches muffins*
  10. this is a thread about poems! i make several and have had a book published of poems and before i start getting new ones out into the world i wanted feed back and i will give feedback to anyone else who posts a poem! any kind of poem is allowed and anyone can comment and give constructive critiscism towards it! heres one of my newer ones! Broken Spirit. where are the people that accused me? the people who beat me down and abused me? they hide just out of sight. can't face me in the light. They'll return but i'll be Stronger! No one can touch me! No one can stop me! i need to stop those who cause the pain. need to take controll of my own life again. they will return with greater numbers. so i need to be stronger than many warriors I want to take controll... I WILL TAKE CONTROLL! Nothing will stop me on my quest to be better than thee! I cannot lose this or they will take the PISS Thou shall Fear my wrath! As i ruin your planned path! Fight Daily or they will mane me! Do not faulter or death shall surely Appear... LET HIM TRY TO SLOW MY SLAUGHTER OF FEAR! death's Scyth in hand! You shall no longer stand! On this plain OR THE NEXT FILLED WITH PAIN! FOR YOU CANNOT SOP ME NOW! AS MY PASSIFIST SIDE TAKES IT'S BOW! AND MY EMBODIMENT OF HATRED! SHALL SHEAD NO TEAR AS HE TREADS! OVER YOUR BROKEN BODY! AND SHATTERD SPIRIT! AND SENDS YOU BACK TO THE DEPTHS OF HELL FROM WENCE YOU CAME! FOR I AM UNBREAKABLE! and my spirit and soul shall stay sterdy as yours dissipates from which no clergy could save you... as if they would want to... and some older ones: The wood. through the darkened moon lit wood i follow you through the blackened underbrush i fight for you over the rocky terrain i struggle for you I shall follow you till the end of time my spirit shall never dim my determanism shall never faulter for you are my light and you will lead me to victory through my darkened soul This dog my only companion this dog my only friend he will guard me for an eternity and stand by my side till you take me from this world into your warm embrace I can see the light now it's so bright but i must carry on for if i don't i will surely fall Take my weary soul Father for this world has shunned me but you were always there for me i beg you father do not let me suffer any longer take my soul upon your lap and let me rejoice in the peace you shall provide I am yours Forever and Always Thank you another: The guardian. Watching over you whatever you may do he stays here and will never stear your fates or the plates of the players and the stayers he will Forever hold on to his brothers whether that is you or others for he... is the guardian of the sea the guardian of men in the pen of water and demons where death beacons savings lives, in life an now in death you will know when you feel his breath and he speaks his soft voice to those who have no choice in surviving without his help as they struggle and yelp in the devouring sea. the guardian protects all. from a dark and slow death. almost done: (poem A.B.A.R) Betrayal. betrayal can be served as cold as ice or as heated as lava but don't forget that price that you paid. but your betrayal was not the same but it was just as hurtfull your words were quite plain but your actions were unclear. you blamed me for all your ailments and struck me with all you got but soon you will see through your impalement that your lifes not what is seems. your hatred is thrown at me though i wonder still why we were full of nothing but glee until those friends you found. you changed into something that even your mother could see and regret though still your spead lies on another and claim to be free. im sorry for any pain and im sorry for any trouble but do not try to claim that it was only me. for you too have scourn and you too have hurt and for this i mourn for my friend, not you. for he has died and you took over youv done nothing but lied and for this i am sorry. im sorry friend good bye Last one: Pinkamena's Trials. *warning disturbing imagry described, not for the feint of heart* *seriously im in one of those moods* the soul of the one. My soul is as black as the jets decorating my room. My machines whir and stir with the flick of a switch. The innocent come here to die The innocent come here to suffer As i pull a number from a hat So too do i seal the fate of an unsuspecting innocent Your numbers in here you know buried deep or at the tip top so cross your fingers, you may live one more day the number... is not yours too bad i was so looking forward to showing you how much i care and how much i love you the innocent is quickly found and awaits for my love though my love is quite painfull to others i'v been alone so long... nobody ever comes to say hello i miss you my friends so now you must die as i remove their blindfolds i do love their faces scared, angry, confused it matters not we share a moment their i will always remember them i love this game we play i love the taste of your skin the taste of the blade.... the taste.... of your blood first, i must remove that tattoo we all got one to show what we love the most but that makes us different i can't have you different to me now your soft skin does nothing to stop my blade so easy to cut, though your screams are quite... annoying must i use the gag? must i cause you more discomfort? you just wont stop screaming do you not like our time together? it's been forever since i remember the last time we were together for so long as this. you wont stay still fine then if you really want me to show my love faster then i will oblidge now wheres my nails... your hands are so thin though i do love industrial nails first a good heating thats it almost molten now for the fun do not fret it will be quick a quick *slam* and it's in now for another please stop crying your hurting my feelings i said stop... I SAID STOP! STOP IT NOW! he....hehehehehe...hahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA! I WILL SHOW YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU NOW! the knife is not big enough... a good bone saw will do your screams echo as i saw those pretty legs off your blood paints my body and i feel a buzz times almost up friend your screams quieten as you black out no more fun? of course not friend i love you too much to stop now no... this is only just the beggining as you awake im laying across your body my lips almost touching yours as i breathe your scent my lust for blood deepens no more friend... you gasp as the knife penetrates your abdomen and i slowly pull it up to your georgeous chest hah! what are these useless organs doing in here?! i should remove them at once! ugly things are... are you crying? no no no! do not cry! i know they are ugly but i shall removed them post haste! there you go! a simple cut and those intestines are out a good tug and off comes those rib bones a quick slice and out comes those lungs look at that beutifull heart... it's beating so fast, you must be tired don't worry... you can rest now a slow soft cut and there is your precious heart so beutifull.... oh off you go to the land of never ending slumber but not before a kiss to remember me by *kiss* goodnight my friend tomorrow you will be greeted with another of our friends you wont be alone.... not like me more comming soon!
  11. INCLUDING MUFFINS! were eaten by me! as a
  12. oh thank you! and don't worry!.... i do the drowning *creepy smile*
  13. as do i! once i figure out the server you all use lol im on tf2 right now xD
  14. thanks! also where did ditzy doo even come from? Rainbow Dash mentions her in Winter Wrap Up. Lauren Faust said they had a character called Ditzy Doo, but when Derpy became popular she said they may call her Ditzy. Awesome! i do love my history =P well my name seems a bit redundant now lol
  15. thanks! also where did ditzy doo even come from?