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  1. c'mon TF2 update to be "more efficient" so I can play with the new old weapons and get bored in 30 min

  2. Rogue Legacy is gonna give me an aneurysm. I just know it.

  3. "Full controller support" = Full X-Box 360 controller support ONLY

    1. Dollop of Mayo

      Dollop of Mayo

      Time to be bothered with Joy2Key I guess

    2. Katana


      Maybe it's XInput only? If it's a DirectInput controller, I don't always blame them for dropping support.

  4. Memory : A million gigarams Processor : A million billion pentabots Graphics Card : infinity + 1 pixels Monitor : 8 jillion gooble pillion inch 64,000,000,000,000 x 48,000,000,000,000,000 resolution (better than real life graphix) Mouse : I aim and click with my brain Heatsink : An anti-sun to absorb the massive heat generated by my sun-powered fusion reactor processor OS : Windows 3.1
  5. That Gunpoint song is incredible. I remember seeing TotalBiscuit play a super early alpha of that game and it looked like a lot of fun. I'll have to add it to the list of games I'll end up playing after I catch up on the 30 or so steam games I have but haven't played -_- The music below is from a dude who died before he could even get started. He made a bunch of incredible soundtracks but I wonder what fantastic stuff he'd be making now.
  6. End credits music from Magic 2014 is basically a Sonic image song in the vein of "City Escape." Highly appropriate.

  7. What horrors hath science wrought

    1. Dollop of Mayo

      Dollop of Mayo

      To put things into perspective, one of the biggest guys there has enough power to kill a player with full starting life 50 times over.

      This is not supposed to happen.

    2. kman224


      too many master biomancers. But I win because I got a creature to have infinate power and toughness.

    3. woodledoodledoodledoodle
  8. What in the world is everyone's problem Actin' like this thread's holdin' 'em up and robbin' em This thing is just a fun little distracting activity So please kindly be retractin' the negativity I know yo' momma always told ya "If ya can't say nothin' nice then hold ya-----PEACE" Isn't that all we truly desire? Then what's with the mob all unruly with ire- And pitchforks, them torches blazin' Stop the hate and show me a rap that's amazin'
  9. // This is an actual fan-made Mega Man game that is finally being released next month.
  10. If I didn't like Phineas and Ferb and trust their awesome writers I'd say this is a dumb idea. That being said I haven't watched past season 2 so maybe the writers are dumb now???????