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  1. I am back part 2.

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      The long-awaited sequel to "I'm Back;" "I'm Back 2: Revenge of the Return!"

    3. The_Mr_Kumar
  2. Never heard this song before, I really enjoy it! I'd give it a 8/10 just because It seems i'd need to listen to it just a bit more to get into it. The song's intro reminds me of this song's intro...
  3. I love the League of Draven! I currently suck at it and am only lvl 20, but whatevs
  4. The one week I visit Colorado...

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      King Specter™


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      Sound Wave

      Darn, I just missed you by a week. I'm gonna be in colorado for a family reunion.

  5. i seem to have an increased risk for heart troubles after eating 10 double cheeseburgers for lunch, how do I lower my risk of a heart attack?
  6. Please take some time to look at this thread, it addresses some really important issues. (plus i did an analysis that took forever to write.)

  7. Fire up the fists of silver, it's time for an in-depth analysis! Positives: I agree with his perspective! To be honest, from a non-brony perspective I would expect a reaction like this.Personally, I wear the shirts because they make me feel good about myself for going against the very "stream-like" society I live in. I don't think I shove my brony-dom in anybody's face, but the documentary has definitely glorified that fact that some people do. If I personally knew someone like that I would be repulsed as well, and I like that he (sometimes) respectfully pointed that out. The documentary, in the aspects he said (only for positive celebrity endorsement, etc.) can come off as quite a "sell-outish" kind of fan move. (In our defense, the show can't sell out because they are exclusively advertising their product. This goes into the whole artists profiting heavily from it. What can I say? You cant sell what's sold.) The fact the brony documentary only shows positive reactions of the celebrities shows the one-sidedness of the documentary itself.(let's mark this exhibit A, I'm not quite finished yet.) We as a fandom (for the most part) strive to be as open minded, loving, and tolerant towards all. (But hey, no fandom is perfect.[we're pretty dang close though :P]) Negatives: Before discussing bronycon's side, I'd like to point out that in his first documentary (let's call it) "critique" he discussed how it was terrible for things to be totally negative in totally unbiased material. This being said, look at the title, listen to the number of compliments he gives versus the number of insults. This shows his own hypocracy for his claim to be "unbiased" toward everything (which seems a little pompous, don't you think?) The whole deal about the bias in the beginning: no one person can be unbiased.The fact he made a general assumption of all bronies (by saying we all do things to shove our fandom in peoples faces) is very concerning that he isn't necessarily unbiased. AND- more closet bronies probably exist than we know. They don't shove it in peoples faces at all. He did seem to paint the brony-dom with traits from the other documentary and vice versa. This shows that he either wasn't very organized (which is fine), or had formed an opinion (also fine) that shut out both shows before he even watched them (a big point we make in the brony fandom, that we stress is not a good thing.) If he didn't like the things he watched, why did he continue watching despite his dislike of the premise? He didn't mention both positive and negative aspects of the documentaries from his review. This isn't much of a problem, unless you take into consideration his point (see exhibit A) about how he is providing completely 2 sided unbiased information at the beginning. (Fun fact: I am mentioning positives and negatives to stay consistent to my beliefs in a 2 sided argument) TL;DR? Take some time to read it please, It took a while for me to analyze.
  8. Recruiting a herd member at this very moment- wish me luck!

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      Sterling Fist

      Lol, i did! i told him about it and he decided he wanted to watch

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      Show them the essence of TRUE FRIENDSHIP

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      Sound Wave

      "HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A TRUE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Solrac (Yap Lap)

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  10. Just bought minecraft. 'Tis confusing 9.6

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      The game itself?

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      I can help ^_^

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      Sonic Rain

      I was so happy to see you on there ^_^

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  12. Is that rhetorical?
  13. Finally got steam! My username is Prognut :D

  14. Finally got steam! My username is Prognut :D