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  1. I can't help but feel that there's a banana watching me.

    1. Karlamena


      Banana related feelings are never wrong.

  2. I played a lot of VSH years ago when the gamemode was having its few beginnings, then I went back to casual playings of CP or Payload with friends. Once I heard word/found out about PVnet, I traversed over here and started to get back into enjoying VSH as a whole--but with new people!
  3. Personally I've been listening to this collaborative group for years, so any kind of music they have really is always a favorite of mine. But when it comes down to it, Tristam is one of my all-time favorite artists from the collab, here's an example of some good Glitch Hop from him.
  4. Hey! Stuff goes here, right? Uhhh...

    1. Aurotzel
    2. Aurotzel


      Didn't even read what you said right, lol. The stuff goes over there, this is where the things belong.

  5. I'm able to do an English accent so flawlessly I've convinced some people that've met me for the first time to think I'm from England...when I'm actually not.
  6. Good morning! I guess since I've been playing on the server for a bit now, I might as well transition to the forum as well n' say hello! My Steam name is Sirmcfiggles but PRIMARILY I play on these servers under the name Earl Grey, which is actually the name of my OC as well~ I've been a frequent player of TF2 for well over a couple years with a bit over 1400 hours under my belt, although since I have a hardworking job + stuff to do, that number hasn't changed a lot! I've been a fan of VSH servers ever since I first heard about them, and soon after I started to find the Ponyville.net servers & decided to give them a try as well! =============================================== I became a brony back when Gen 4 first got its beginnings, and I owe it to an old college roommate of mine that brought me into the fandom not long after that. Being a brony has been in of itself a unique experience in more ways than one; having gone to Bronycon for two years now & eventually finding the current love of my life with the fandom, it's been a life-changing experience for me for the better. So if you guys want a laid-back, casual and fun fella like me, don't be afraid to drop a friend invite. You'll probably find me on the PVille servers plenty!