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  1. Nice to see you two haven't changed :)
  2. Hey team, how's it going? It's been a while since I've been here. A combination of job hunting, Guild Wars 2, and friends pulled me away from TF2 for a while, but I'd like to get back into it, and with that, back into the forums. I'll try to post more often and stuff. Hopefully I'll have the time to now. Anyways, nice to see you all again!
  3. Got work in five so I'll make this quick. I liked the premise the episode went with, but the songs swallowed it whole. Any semblance of meaningful plot was drown in music. This desperately needed to be a two-parter. Either way, I'm not too worried about the direction the series takes next season. Twilight seems to be the same person she was at the start of the episode. I'm actually looking forward to seeing an actual plot developed around this change, since this episode's plot was, again, completely consumed by way too much singing.
  4. Again, don't overestimate our value to Hasbro. They honestly wouldn't make that much money by catering to us specifically, and if the risk assessment doesn't look good they won't move on something. They're certainly not in a financial situation that allows them to take many risks. And I'm not painting Hasbro's money focus as good or bad. It's not good or bad. It's just the state of things, it's how businesses operate, it's why they exist. It's no more good or bad than a snake eating a bunny. Edit: Also, they have done some marketing to us. WeLoveFine plays a part in that. Our demo is more likely to buy apparel than toys.
  5. It was never about making a quality show. That was an accident that occurred by Hasbro hiring some very talented people to make ths show and giving them some creative freedom. For the creators, it was about quality, but Hasbro's decision to do G4 at all came down to money. Which is no surprise. Hasbro is a business. Everything they do comes down to money. Previous generations also made them tons of money despite the much lower show quality. The show's creators managed to make something unique and special, but that was never Hasbro's intention, just a consequence that they were very pleased with.
  6. They aren't destroying their fanbase. Their fanbase is 10 year old girls. Hate to break this apparently shocking news to you, but Hasbro still makes a lot more money from that market than from us. We are still the periphery demographic. We are not the best thing Hasbro has going for them. We are a cool extra, a ride-along. We are a bonus they got by giving Lauren more freedom than they typically give their show's creators. Moreover, if this kills the brony fandom, then we aren't what we thought we were. For a fandom that's supposedly all about love, toleration, and understanding, it sure is easy to get bronies riled up. If all it takes to tear us apart is a few people getting rattled then we aren't the unstoppable force of friendship we keep claiming to be. People are overreacting to this. This is not the end of the fandom. This is not the end of the show. This is not jumping the shark. This IS the internet, and the GIFT is in effect right now. Recognize that, and outsmart it. Everyone is flipping out because they can, because the internet loves drama, but more importantly because they're afraid of losing something. Some are afraid of losing the quality of the show, some are just afraid of losing some bit of fanfic or headcanon they've created, some are afraid of losing the fandom and the friends they've made here. All these fears are unfounded, though. The show has carried through Hasbro's executive meddling before, and there's no reason to expect it wouldn't this time. Moreover, your friends, this forum, they aren't going to suddenly shut down because of this change. There is something you can do to help. As a brony, as a fan of animation, and as an intelligent person, your job now is to remain open-minded. Let the episode happen and judge it on its merits. Let season four come and see how the show handles the change. Flipping out over the possibility that an episode of a cartoon might not be good is just silly.
  7. You see, this was Discord's ultimate plan. He's going to make the fandom get in to a huge internet fight over whether or not this episode was any good, breaking up and destroying the fandom, taking away the pony's primary source of power so that he can return for real to conquer Equestria again. (And for reference, I really liked this episode.)
  8. ^ CGI Timberwolves
  9. Would it be ironic if there was a shooting at the WBC? Would they picket their own funerals? Not that I want there to be. I'm no fan of needless loss of life. Maybe make it a paintball shooting. Nonlethal, but still point-making.
  10. It is impossible to implement effective gun control in a nation where the civilian population already collectively own more firearms than many nation's entire armies. New gun control laws would be effectively meaningless. The most effective control they can use currently is ammunition control. Limiting the availability of ammunition may be the only way to reduce the availability of actual firepower.
  11. Discuss Also, visit
  12. Of Wolf and Man - Metalica What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
  13. The majority of any game community is (usually) casual players, and the nocrit attitude of Chicago is not conducive to attracting casual play. We would need to open up access to a much larger pool of people to find a large enough competitive base to regularly populate a nocrit server. Still, it was nice to have a place to go to avoid crits. Oh well.
  14. Saints Row 3 was fun as hell. The best game I've ever had the chance to play, though, is Spyro the Dragon. The original still holds up really well as a game, even if the graphics are awful by today's standards.