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  1. is this open to the uk? yea
  2. oops: here:
  3. PS for 2 submissions you could just comment here instead of FB the max is 2 submissions. Just make sure you text includes the YouTube you commented with
  5. all over
  6. I may not be as passionate at the next person but, yes just save the derps
  7. Hope ya'll enjoy
  8. welcome
  9. I put together a little demo of all this + Desktop ponies
  10. Just thought you, the forum would like. (it's in 1080p)
  11. I'll do pretty much anything on my YouTube channel I have done a Big Mac Demo and a Rainbow Blitz demo. I want to get my name out there and I know that some people must need voice actors. My Rainbow Blitz:
  12. any chance they would be another download?
  13. so very true, then agian Jesus loves everyone or everypony in this case
  14. NO THE ICONS THEY WERE ON MEGA UPLOAD....they were so young
  15. Big mac audition: