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  1. OPERA! *brohoof*
  2. Don't do apple =\ sorry :( looks cool though
  3. what the...
  4. Great tunes, Einsam, he'll be back up in no time. No little thing like blood-loss, concussions, and cranial fractures could keep Sarge away from his tunes~ YOU KNOW NOT WHAT YOU DO. Sarge hates dubstep! *runs for cover* I am aware of that, thats why itll get him around :P My speciality is being a jack of all trades IMO i can play anything needed sufficiently but im by far a no pro at any of them. By far i would say my best is the pyro however ill fill in wherever needed.
  5. *places a dubstepping boombox next to sarge's head* he'll be fine
  6. The faces... oh god the face...
  7. This topic... Also i find bitersweet to be the most depressing, things that seems like bliss at first but you realise later sucks. imoortality.. solitude ect
  8. upload it to soundcloud then send us a link :D
  9. how strange it was the same for me, i always dismissed it until i saw doctor whooves all over the place and i had to see what the fuss was about. im up to season 3 of the new series now.
  10. He escaped once it doesnt mean he cant again. The way they wrote discord though i dont think he would of been content with retreating he seemed like an all or none kind of guy.
  11. Do people still use quakenet for scrims?
  12. Spike is best rainbow dash >_>
  13. I miss teamspeak...
  14. The actual TGA for the spray is has a transparent BG