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  1. (Not an Admin but) You placed this in the wrong forum I'd say. If you're wishing to have your mute appealed/looked at, try submitting it in the Ban Submissions/Protests section.
  2. Some two cents: I do agree that spells are annoying, just more so what everyone has been saying. They can be overpowered at times, people may spam them to heavily rely on them (where some argue it's a crutch and shows how terrible of a player they are), yet they can still die if they use them incorrectly or at the worst given time possible. I've used spells a couple of times, and personally I saw them more as a downgrade compared to other load-outs (crossbow meem VS crossbow + spells). I will complain about it but it's something that will more likely remain. Spells are a big part of the server - the traffic of players may mostly use them (not all). But it's a BIG part of the server that can bring in its main target audience, and attracts so many - you nerf it to absolute oblivion to where it's completely useless and you lose a big part of the server's demographic. Once again like what the others said to be redundant. They do have their downsides but I get lots of players see it more as a buff and an annoying one at that. But it's a part of life with the server. They do need a rework but what you suggest, would harm more than do good really.
  3. For one, it'd help if you followed the proper format in submitting your appeal - not doing so only delays when someone will get back to you on it. For another, if you were muted by an admin - it had to be for a good reason. So did they really say nothing in chat about why you were muted? Because being muted out of nowhere without being given a reason seems odd.
  4. I is a zambie now, returning to VSP from the dead

  5. *sneaks in* So as much as I have not been around in the community or been on the server to play, there is a player I believe that fits the bill for a moderator role. I'd like to suggest a potential candidate for a moderator position for the Texas VSP server: Val http://steamcommunity.com/id/Valpony/ Val has been around on the server for a while. He is friends with other moderators on the servers as well as some admins. He knows the rules and follows them to a T and won't hesitate to warn anyone who is breaking the rules. And I know he is on often to where he can come on in a pinch to help out. Val is a really good person and has good intentions to help out where he can, especially has been trying to help out with the staff in case any problems arise. And that is my suggestion for a mod to add to your VSP staff ^^
  6. It could be a glitch in the system. More often than not, your donor may be coming late from the admins (or whoever takes care of donator) hasn't been able to approve of it yet. They may be busy with external factors (family, work, school, etc.) to get to it. I'd say wait a bit more for it or wait until an admin sees this and forwards it to whoever maintains that sort of thing.
  7. (It is highly generous and sweet to see people having faith in me, believing I'd be great for a moderator position. Don't forget that. I very much appreciate it as I read both judgments.) I personally believe that I wouldn't be a good moderator. I have since talked to a couple players who made it known to me that this would be suggested here on the forums. I have told them why I feel I wouldn't be good for the job; some could argue it's little/petty things that aren't as bad as I make them out to be. But still: -I get annoyed very easily; I may not voice it over mic, but rather I tend to let my salty attitude flow through chat (not all the time. I view it more so as the little things that are repeated; worry that it'll build up over time). Little things could set me off, and that troubles me in the sense I fear I'd be too harsh with other players. Having a sense of authority as a moderator is fine, but I worry that it could lead to other negative things. (As such if I were to even be offered a position, I'm worried that my potential irritation could get the better of me) It'd be something I definitely have to control and manage utmost, diving my time between not talking for a bit, going into spectate, or perhaps leaving the server for a bit. -My time on VSP is not as active as I once was. For one, I am still in school - and in light how quite poor I did this semester, I will be quite busy next semester and fear I won't have time to come on regularly to moderate the servers. Along with it, a majority of my time has been spent on another game, something that I like to call "the abyss." A game I struggle to pull away from. I get it's normal for other staff members to be focused on other games. And of course that's more than fine ^^ Whether I get the position or not is up to Simple or Raini of course. It's humbling and awfully sweet to see myself nominated from the community. But those are two things I would like those that need to know, keep in mind. Because I fear those would be hindrances in my eyes. Offered or not, I will still be a player that comes on to enjoy the game mode with friends (Andthatismyresponsetothenomination;moresojustbeinghonestaboutmyself)
  8. To baltoist: At one point it was heard and said by admins and moderators that you had to be a certain age in order to use the mic; thus if you used the mic, and said you were younger than the allowed age (had to be 15+) then that's why you were muted. That was the general rule heard on the server. But Simple has said that that rule was never really a thing, rather it was based around how mature the player acts on mic. (I believe that's what he said it was; not entirely sure.) So technically, there is no age specific rule for the mic. It is a rule however that of course, you must be respectful and mature to others on mic, do not mic spam as it is a privilege not a right, etc. etc. If you do get this perma appealed, just remember the standards said above and you should be fine. Just give it some time for an admin to see this and determine your fate. ^^
  9. (I am merely a bystander to this, and would like to voice something on the matter.) Lrad, I've known you for a long while. And I know you do mean good when you come and play. You're not a bad person, I've met worse at least. But, you do have flaws to where you aren't the most liked person on the server. You do tend to spam the mic. In ways to where I have heard you basically yell over someone as they are already talking. You have done that on multiple occasions. At other times, you have let your frustrations get the better of you to where you voice it out loud and that just puts a negative vibe on the server. I do agree that more often than not, you are picked on. I never liked it to begin with since you are a friend and I try my best to stick up for you. (That can be taken to a completely different subject, so...) I wasn't there when you and Gimpy got into an argument, I only heard about it through you and another player. So I have no say in that. As for the Discord thing, I was there and can tell you that she was only asking about whether the sticky launcher and/or rocket jumper was allowed during the Friendly Fire rage. It was one of the two since one of the players killed her with one of them. The problem is that you misinterpreted her question; the emphasis of HA was then taken as an act of instigation. I will say I may of unfortunately added fuel to that as Buffy began to get upset from how the HA was implied. Buffy knew that teamkilling is allowed, and truthfully the laugh towards her was not really needed. There is another instance that I again have no power in saying about. I was told that you told another player to basically go kill themselves and that the server would be better off without them. True or not, said out of anger or not, this is a highly disgraceful thing that no one should say to another player. But this instance is one of the reasons why Videogames had to come in to talk to you about. I have advised you in private chat to watch what you say. Sometimes what you may say can be very irritating to players. Whether it just be a simple but harsh laugh, to how I have heard what you called Gimpy, how you may call out who you are trying to teamkill - and to the other end of the spectrum, complaining on mic about not getting damage, losing a round as a hale, missing out on your turn as hale/as someone cuts in before your turn/you aren't able to kill the minions or justify that "it's your job to kill them" - and more, each can slowly annoy people. Not trying to be rude to you, but those are some of the problems I have seen and heard from others. On on end, it comes across as being a jerk, another it comes across as feeling entitled or that you should be given it. That can be very irritating. Everyone may have those same moments as previously stated (being too cocky, or throw a tantrum of not getting their way). It happens. My way of thinking: let it go, don't take it seriously. It's just a game and everyone is trying to have fun. When someone comes in acting as such, it kind of ruins it. I don't believe you should be permamuted forever. But in my honest opinion, this may be a bit of a learning experience for you. Typing in chat is not all that horrible as it is. Yes it's going to leave you vulnerable to the hale or other hazards. I have said it's better to find a safe spot to type really quick and for more lengthy talking, better to wait until you're out from the round if you are killed. I apologize for my wordy opinion, just wanted to get something out and have it be clear. -From an honest friend; I have no authority.
  10. *awkwardly shuffles in* Hiya. I always felt like putting something here after being here for awhile, but never had the courage. Anyways, name's Eleanora. I mainly hang around the Texas Main Server, and been around for a little over a year. Basically when I started playing on steam, I entered the world of TF2. And thanks to an old friend (Duke Knutstrand back when he was relatively active) I stumbled upon the server. One thing to note: I've never watched an episode from the show I've been coming onto the server mainly for friends and the gamemode. My curiousity for the series is piqued because of it, but I can't find the time to watch it all sooo... rip. Over the past year, I have made some good friends on here who I talk to often; they're basically the main reason I log on to play. Sometimesidocriwhenmynameisspelledincorrectlybutohwell So if there's any struggles with my name, call me whatever ya like. Ele/Ellie or Nora are most common and do just fine I may tend to get salty in chat, mainly since I feel like I'm a terribad player and cry over dying so quickly. I tend to switch between playing medic and pyro, with the occasional sniper thrown in. But I still die too quickly and in my honest opinion I feel like I bring bad luck to anyone who heals me :< Uhhhh, anything else... ermmm, getting awkward like usual. I'm an awkward tree really. Sooooooooo, yeah. Lookin' forward to meeting peeps and having fun ^^ (feellikethiswon'tbeseenorcaredfor,feelslikeicameintointroducemyselfwhenforumsaren'tactive) With that insert-foot-into-mouth nature, I'll be scufflin on out here o/ ~~