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  1. Basically {Violet} Motherly DemoScootabat got banned by videogames. I myself saw videogames ban my friend without his physical proof and he never checked the spray himself. He just went off of holy bird popes advice. This is his first ban and it was for two weeks! My friend was simply talking to others about the spray and they say he was mouthing off. Again videogames heard this from bird pope. There was no verification on this ban. EDIT: I didn't know where to post this sorry ;_; im just worried about my friend. EDIT : I just seen the ban submissions/protests forum if you can move this.
  2. I've been trying to get into the server but any time I try it says I was banned for a minute, I last came in last week and everything was fine, why the sudden ban? I didn't do anything and no one gave me warnings if I had, if they spoke it over the mic then I'm sorry to say that I disabled my mic chat entirely meaning it had gone unheard.
  3. Primary Rules No Piracy Debates and discussion are tolerated. Posting about how to subvert copyright, or where to obtain pirated material, is not.No Obscene Content Do not post or link to material that is obscene, pornographic, or NSFW.No Trolling Don't make posts that disrupt the normal course of discussion which incite, provoke, or offend others.No Abusive Behavior Don't harass, bully, or threaten other members. Exercise tolerance and be respectful.No Racism/Sexism or Homophobia Whether or not you "meant" it as a joke is irrelevant to whoever you might offend.No Impersonation Do not impersonate other members or individuals, or purport to be someone you are not.No Personal Information Do not post personal information about others without permission, even if it is publicly available elsewhere. Respect the privacy of others and we will respect yours.Posting Rules No Double Posting The "Edit" and "Soft-Delete" features exists for a reason.Stay On Topic Don't derail threads. Posts that are too off topic will be moved to Randumb.Post In The Correct Sub-Forums Try to post your threads in the correct category or they will be moved.No "Goodbye" Threads Threads of this nature create unnecessary clutter and invite drama. There's also a possibility that you might return!Warning Policy Three Warnings Depending on the circumstances, this could result in a 24-hour suspension or longer.Five Warnings Depending on the circumstances, this could result in a week-long suspension or longer; possibly even a ban.Contradicting a Warning If you are warned not to do something, but do it again anyways, it could result in an immediate suspension.Bans are open to the discretion of the staff based on the most egregious of circumstances.