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  1. BUCK has returned for the spring 2016 season with a shiny new logo! We will be holding our convention at EventCity in Manchester UK on the 9th and 10th April 2016. Our first announced guest is Daniel Ingram who will be talking to us about his music. Hope you can join us! Find out more at
  2. So everybody, I've made maps for Ponyville before... about a year ago. I came back and spent around 25 hours on this new map, hoping to see it up on servers possibly soon. I worked pretty hard on it, not sure if it's 100% satisfying. Hoping for the best, check it out!
  3. Hey everyone Heart Shatter here to tell you guys to join in on the fun using this thread and pretend real life is a video game and start making comparisons. Example: This game called "Life" kinda sucks. The respawn time takes too long. And you can only level up once a year. HAVE FUN
  4. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Hey guys, I recently got re-hooked into this game and I was wondering of anyone else plays it. If you play it too add my ign: oTakkun
  6. So, after playing a forum game where the point is to answer the previous poster's question with a song's title I thought to myself: "Why can't we answer with some lyrics from a song?" It was then that I got the idea to start this topic. Basically, the rules are to answer the question posted above with lyrics from a song (while posting the song's name and artist) and then to ask your own question. The answer doesn't have to be lyrics from a song you like or hate, the song doesn't have to be any specific genre or anything, and while I prefer everypony to post lyrics that make sense when applied to the question above, you don't have to and can post lyrics that make little to no sense when applied to the question. And the question can be about anything ranging from pony to the end of the world. Quite simple, no? Here's the game format: "Song lyrics" Song Title - Song Artist Question Just to clarify the game's rules and format, I will be posting an answer to the first question and then another question to start off the game. Is everypony ready?
  7. this is a place for people to say random things of randomness for example i will say something then you click the quote buttom at the bottom of my post and then type something random i wanna see how far can go till someone "dun goofs" it up
  8. I like to role play i found not that many on the fourms, i was part of another RP but it has been not used so i am starting my own it is open to any skill set, new or old Rp'ers. here are some basic rules 1. No overly sexual activities. 2. No disgusting descriptions. 3. No insane stupidity, such as extremely random things. 4. No logic breaking. 5. Be respectful of fellow RP-ers. 6. Be in character. If you're representing a character, either from the show, or some other media, try to stay in character, even if it is fanon character. 7. Don't write for other characters. You can write your own characters actions, but you can't put words in another characters mouth. 8. Don't break the fourth wall unless you are a character like Pinkie Pie, and even then, don't over-do it. Just try not to do it, if possible. A humorous *wave to the audience* is okay. 9. Don't randomly RP a character from another Universe without giving a GOOD and detailed explanation of WHY that character finds themselves in Equestria. Some characters are easier to cross-over than others, whilst some are just silly. When in doubt, ask myself. 10. one at a time you will all get a turn feel free to jump in at any time Story not much of one it is what we make of it i will be rp'ing my self if we get some people we can set a time so we all can rp together it is set in Canterlot also use OOC when you are not in character
  9. We certainly don't have enough forum games. This is a pretty simple one, just click the reply message box, and hit ctrl+v. See what everyone's last copy was, and try to guess what they were doing to get that. No cheating, cheating is for diamond dogs. Here's my last copy:
  10. Let's see how my writing skills are at 3 in the morning. But I feel as if a challenge was proposed and with Celestia as my witness I will accept it. Now, I have already expressed thoughts in a certain other thread claiming somepony else, that was in fact NOT Gummy, was best. However, I shall reiterate them here as well as add a few. 1) Now, can you honestly look at any other pony and be blown away by the holy, ethereal swag emanating off of them? Didn't think so. Those epic dance moves light up the dance floor more than an enraged pyromaniac could ever hope to. 2) Gummy's pimp hand is so big that we haven't come up with a reasonable analogy to describe it. In the tub with Twilight Sparkle, mackin it with Rainbow, and a 99% success rate of getting in bed with Pinkie EVERY NIGHT? You bet. If he wanted Celestia out of the throne, he would just take 3 minutes of her time, call any media outlet, and BAM! Instant career ruining scandal. 3) Gummy is in fact the most magically talented pony. Archaeologists have found documents leading some to believe Celestia was his apprentice. He also has had every single pony fooled into thinking he is an "Alligator" for as long as anyone can remember. This is merely a disguise to prevent your face from ripping itself off and lodging itself in your throat while your stomach and liver joust with your intestines at the sight of his extraordinary appearance. 4) Look at the Episode "May the Best Pet Win" about a couple minutes in, when the pony-pet-playdate participants perturb a poor prismatic pony (take that alliteration). Notice Pinkie's movements. Notice who, despite all Pinkie's physics shattering abilities, manages to actually hold on to her. That's pretty gosh darned impressive. 5) There is really no alternative pony to even think of being best. You see and hear those simpletons arguing over best pony, while none of them see the obvious truth. You can then calmly bring up that they are all wrong and enlighten them to the fact that Gummy is best pony. This will, in most cases, end the argument as everyone realizes that is the truth. I am dead serious about all of this. I hope it was an enjoyable read.
  11. Hey everypony! I'm super excited for Arkham City. How about you? What changes that have been announced make you happy? Which ones piss you off? Is there anything specific you're looking forward to? How do you feel about the outfit changes for some of the Characters? What about the voice acting changes? I'm excited to see Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle) taking over Arleen Sorkin's Harley. This fact made me even more excited when I realized the connections. She's also done a lot of work with fun shows like "The Fairly Odd Parents" and "The Wild Thornberrys." Harley's costume change specifically makes me happy. I'm glad to see them going back to a more traditional type of outfit for her. The nurse costume in Arkham Asylum was cute and worked with the story, but I didn't like the black being purple. As I actually got to pre-order this one through GameStop, I'm getting the special Joker Challenger Map. I've never played on one of those, so I'm excited to try it out.
  12. Ok everyone! Welcome to the name-game thread the rules are simple: You must reply in a single word that relates to the word above you. (The exception being titles, such as band names) EX: cat - feline - animal - ram - Dodge - ball - basket - picnic - Yogi Bear - theft, ect I'll start: Pony