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  1. So, let's talk about maps. I know Sarysa also made a post about this, but it's mostly about adding maps, this topic is about getting RID of maps. There are maps we like, and there are maps we absolutely hate and I am talking about those overplayed, sniper filled and god awful movement maps. What maps I feel should be removed and my reasons why. -Crevice Overplayed, Over Rated and everytime this map is played some people even LEAVE the server cause how bad it is and the amount of snipers we see there are at least 8-10 snipers every round. The talk yesterday on the server made it clear this map should be removed -Dunes There is one game breaking spot that literally makes it so teleport hales CANNOT reach the spot and is a massive struggle for normal hales to even get to it, if you are a engie and have a airblasting pyro, this certain spot here can downright win a round no matter what. -Orange Please, this map is another map that should be removed because how bad it is. The map is so orange it hurts the eyes, you keep on falling threw the floor and have to walk back up the stairs and it's downright bad. -Chemical This map has so many invisible walls it's not even funny, the layout is awful and the designer made most of the map unplayable on. -Beach Awful, just awful. Sniper heaven, horrible slopes, water is missing textures, terrible colour, so laggy and everyone hates it. You can hit the hale from spawn, break the map in some places. Please this one needs to be removed. -Megaman I honestly like this map... before it was updated. The update made the map so big and so laggy it's really hard to play, if we can go to a earlier version map should be fine. -Apg This map is decent I have nothing wrong with it, it's just how buggy this map is. There are so many bugs everywhere it's not even funny. Alright, well there goes my rant, if any of you have anything about this list or want to add to it comment below would be lovely.
  2. Pixel said something rather profound to me just a moment ago. I told her that I didn't feel confident enough about my art to show her something as I was drawing. And that at some point in the future when I felt more confident in my artwork, I would be happy and comfortable enough to to show her my incomplete work, and even draw as she watches. She then said, "Maybe you're going about that backwards". . . .I think she's right. Maybe in order to get confidence in drawing publicly or at least in front of friends, is to actually do it and get over the insecurity and fear of judgement. SO--In the very near future, I will be hosting a live steam of me drawing. Tentatively dated for this Friday evening, assuming I can get the live-stream up and running by the time, and barring unforeseen circumstances. If I did this, how many people would be interested in watching? I'll probably be taking some requests too, assuming I think I could handle them. I'm not entirely sure how the whole thing will go, but I do know that I want to do this. I'll link the channel here once I get it set up and working.