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  1. Please keep the following in mind when watching the video: 1. All textures are placeholders!!! 2. BSP portion of the map is almost complete (just missing the rocky base to cover up the basement from the outside). 3. Props have not been added yet. 4. Map has not been configured for Arena_ yet. 5. Airlifts not been added yet. 6. Proper lighting has not been added yet. 7. There will be no elevators!
  2. Figured this could use its own thread so people can throw all their map hate in one place. Lotta maps are either just entirely unbalanced for gamplay or just have some exploits that can completely ruin gameplay, list the ones you think fit that role here. Extra explanation to why it's bad/broken would probably be better. For my suggestions I would say vsh_beach_xsp1b1 (already pointed out by Karla), vsh_megaman6_b5d, vsh_evil_pumpkin_farm_b6new2, vsh_chemical_v1, arena_suijin_rc2, vsh_volcanic_b2, vsh_lumberyard_event, vsh_apg_v2, vsh_west_fix, vsh_dunes_b2, and arena_offblast_final. No point in explaning Beach again, the thread is here. Megaman is just entirely too big of a map, and generally half or so of each level won't be used at all by players, and either a player or hale will get lost if not in the main fighting area of the map. If I remember correctly, music and some sounds will not work on the map either. If we could possibly get the older version of the map that we used to have, it would be much better. The reason we didn't have it was I think because of an issue with hales falling off the map that has been fixed since. Evil Pumpkin Farm is high in the list of my most hated maps along with Beach. To start, the map is extremely un-optimized. If you look into the middle of the map, you may have your fps be cut in half, though this of course depends on each individual's PC, but I've heard of it from a lot of different people, including myself. The other main issue is the entire basement of the map. It's a maze to begin with, and it makes the map unnecessarily larger then it has to be. You can easily camp down there and not see the hale for an entire game, and just end up stalemating the rounds. Have had it happen plenty of times. Chemical has a big issue with props being entirely invisible depending on your settings. It makes it just annoying to get stuck on invisible props. Examples: 1, 2. Not to mention I found a sentry spot where the sentry can actually shoot through a platform you can set up on, making it next to impossible to get killed while there unless you get raged. Suijin is a pretty map, it looks nice. That's the only reason it ever get's voted for. It's full of problems, the first one being the terrible optimization it has. The second issue with it is the few broken sentry spots it has. The more obvious ones being on the main islands at the edge of the map, then the smaller, farther islands, and last but not least, the end of the cliff. Volcanic isn't entirely broken when it comes to actual gameplay, but the main issue it has is the amount of crashes that happen. Snowdrop will almost guarantee to crash 75% of the server every time, and even bosses like Applejack can cause crashes, albeit rare. Lumberyard Event isn't at all broken, or unbalanced, we just don't need 2 Lumberyards. Either remove the normal one, or this one, because I don't like playing on the same map twice in a row. Apg is probably the only map I put on here purely because of it just being poor for gameplay. The second the game starts, you can instantly super jump towards red spawn as the hale, and unless you are a scout, soldier, or possibly demo, you can't do much to get out before the hale is already slaughtering you and your team. Then there's the fact it's just another sniper-friendly map that isn't fun to play hale on. Also this sentry spot is pretty cheap too. Goes to show that converting a trade map into a vsh map isn't really a great idea. I actually enjoy West Fix, it's a good map, I don't really want it actually removed, I would prefer a "fix" (ironic, isn't it?). Though, there will always be the infamous exploit of the map. Dunes, again, is a map that's not too bad, but has an extremely broken spot for heavies and engineers. That's about it. Offblast has a fairly unknown exploit to leave the map. Not going to add a screenshot here, as most people don't know it exists. Also a very small map that's just not designed well for vsh at all. Not a hugely broken map, just not a very good one. When it come's to maps that just have a few broken spots, what ever happened to this? This would probably fix a lot of spots that are problematic, and wouldn't have to remove the decent maps that just have a few issues with them.
  3. So, let's talk about maps. I know Sarysa also made a post about this, but it's mostly about adding maps, this topic is about getting RID of maps. There are maps we like, and there are maps we absolutely hate and I am talking about those overplayed, sniper filled and god awful movement maps. What maps I feel should be removed and my reasons why. -Crevice Overplayed, Over Rated and everytime this map is played some people even LEAVE the server cause how bad it is and the amount of snipers we see there are at least 8-10 snipers every round. The talk yesterday on the server made it clear this map should be removed -Dunes There is one game breaking spot that literally makes it so teleport hales CANNOT reach the spot and is a massive struggle for normal hales to even get to it, if you are a engie and have a airblasting pyro, this certain spot here can downright win a round no matter what. -Orange Please, this map is another map that should be removed because how bad it is. The map is so orange it hurts the eyes, you keep on falling threw the floor and have to walk back up the stairs and it's downright bad. -Chemical This map has so many invisible walls it's not even funny, the layout is awful and the designer made most of the map unplayable on. -Beach Awful, just awful. Sniper heaven, horrible slopes, water is missing textures, terrible colour, so laggy and everyone hates it. You can hit the hale from spawn, break the map in some places. Please this one needs to be removed. -Megaman I honestly like this map... before it was updated. The update made the map so big and so laggy it's really hard to play, if we can go to a earlier version map should be fine. -Apg This map is decent I have nothing wrong with it, it's just how buggy this map is. There are so many bugs everywhere it's not even funny. Alright, well there goes my rant, if any of you have anything about this list or want to add to it comment below would be lovely.
  4. This is that map I started working on which I posted in my other map thread But now it's getting it's own little thread because (small) progress! Got some screenshots here: I guess this is the part where you guys would tell me what you think so far.
  5. I was searching threw maps we could add to the server. This one looks good.
  6. Well this one's a long time coming. Maps have needed help since before I came along. Videogames and I (mostly him) recently tested some old maps and we got pumpkinfarm out of that...but compared to even brand new startup FF2 servers, our map selection is terribly lacking. So I'd like to publicly discuss two things: A change to the map vote orderMore maps!MAP ORDER This one is easy. Map order is currently (extend) followed by a bunch of maps. Extend almost always gets picked. This was great until about 4 or 5 months ago, when opting out of hale was made an option. It used to be that even if a dozen players went on one map, it'd only be one run of the map per person. This is no longer the case...people are getting picked over and over which result in many people leaving. Extend should probably be pushed down to the last option, due to this new trend. MORE MAPS Here's a slightly updated version of a maps pack I sent off awhile ago. I've played a lot of FF2 on a lot of servers, and I just grabbed the ones from A to M that didn't obviously belong to other servers, didn't have exploits, and aren't too large, be it surface area or file size. AtoM.7z (this updated version has a much more VSH friendly version of the megaman map, and removes a koth map) What if we tried something like...add a bunch of decent maps and then have admins do testing. I think a decent number of these maps would make the cut, including: arena_coldfront_pb4arena_dam-it_b1arena_draft_b2arena_hydrothunder_b4vsh_apg_v2vsh_battle_creek_v2vsh_beach_xsp1b1vsh_cactustemple_v1vsh_cairo_pyramid_v8vsh_chemical_v1vsh_citypeak_v1vsh_cross_b3vsh_dunes_b2vsh_hac_castlecanals_v4_texvsh_halo_foundation_v1vsh_hydro_pb2vsh_lakeside_pb1vsh_megaman6_b5d
  7. With this post getting reciprocated as quickly as it did, I decided to spend a few hours searching through my collection of public maps to get the rest of them. This is mostly consisting of maps whose names start with the letters N-Z, but it also contains maps I only came across in the last six months. Like before, I'm excluding the GWF/TFF exclusive maps. (they're the only community I visit who tags their maps, though while LZ also does this, they simply tweak existing maps for VSH from what I've seen) The huge 236 meg zip can be found here: click me, but not too many of's shared hosting Here's the list of maps that I feel should work fine without any serious problems: arena_bakscratch_72_2arena_hectic_b3arena_mach2arena_plankfestarena_refinery_b3arena_timberworks_b2aarena_tundra_b3arena_vsh_mtsaxton_ff2arena_warehouse_v2arena_waste_finalarena_yunshu_rc1vsh_facing_worlds_beta (finally, a VSH version of this map!)vsh_frozen_dawn_v2vsh_harbour_base_reworkedvsh_loadervsh_military_medieval_lz_b6vsh_nale_b1evsh_paradise_island_pb2vsh_pineyard_finalvsh_polar_rc1vsh_poletaavsh_railyard_a2vsh_rats_office_pb1vsh_reservoir_v2vsh_secret_base_b2vsh_seismic_lz_b2vsh_silo_park_b1vsh_skyway_betavsh_snow_area_b1vsh_snow_valley_v4vsh_snowed_in_b04vsh_snowflakes_b1vsh_sourcewater_b4vsh_streets_v2vsh_top_arena_v1vsh_toyfort_playboy1vsh_trackvsh_turbine_lz_b3vsh_turret_testing_b2The following map is probationary, but it's only because it's never been playtested. Admittedly, it's a little basic and barren, but it's made by someone in the community, so lets show them some love.vsh_citydirtbox_rc1Finally, some maps that are a "weak yes". Some should probably be limited to admins only, due to the potential for problems. Others just have qualities that are new to us and they may be undesirable.vsh_last_pushv1_2: It's more or less okay. It's orange so it's ugly, but the layout and lighting better than orange murder. Only thing foreign to us is the fact BLU spawn has a func_breakable that the hale needs to break open.vsh_merida_v2: If the snipers don't annihilate you, the large surface area will likely cause many stalemates.vsh_sfac_v2: Sometimes, the doors can damage/kill players. Otherwise the map has a nice layout.vsh_towertop_final: This map is wildly popular, but it has random events. Floods arena, one plays "five hundred miles" for no reason. After 27 rounds I'm pretty sure that the infamous "crashing moon" event has been removed from this version, so it's probably fine.vsh_toro_b1_xmas: Has the awkward attic in the pagoda that BLU spawns in, same as with vsh_horyuji_v1. It's difficult to get out of, and it's not nobuild. Also, there's missing textures.vsh_castlewars_v8: No exploits or anything, just seems unfinished in a couple ways...development textures and the water doesn't extend far enough down. Aside from that, it's been playtested with no serious problems.arena_pool_day: It's very small. Smaller than that WoW arena map.arena_ratssaxy: Ugly as sin, but surprisingly fun layout.vsh_nowhere_a4: It's a good map, but it needs to be tested with dovashy a few times before releasing. Since it doesn't instakill all classes and has water it may have the same problems as vsh_island. (unlikely, though, because it does do around 275 damage a tick)vsh_pyramidtime: Also recommend this one be made admin-only. I'm concerned the many torches mixed with the rainbow spotlight plugin will severely lag the server.vsh_summercamp_v3_70: Has a couple difficult spots for the hale to reach/possible stuck for teleport hales. Recommend limiting to admin testing.There's a few honorable mentions not in the zip, I'm aware they exist but I've rejected them for exploits:vsh_garbage_day_fix1 - Has a crouch spot that a heavy/medic could camp in which produces too much knockback for the hale to reach.vsh_mini_city_v3 - I honestly love this map. Unfortunately, there's a tall building which you can build on and then destroy the tall building, making it unreachable for many hales.vsh_north_mountain_pb - Any player who can get to where BLU spawns cannot be reached via super jump.vsh_riverwood_v2 - Has an exploitastic engineer spot beneath the little wooden port.
  8. Here are some Tips and Tricks you can use on certain maps. This will be kept UPDATED. The Infamous richland Use something on the Big-Ass dumpster. I wonder what Traitor weapon it could be. Kill ANYONE with a Poltergeist, unless Proven Innocent or If the person is a detective. C4 is Deadly in some houses. Some traps are in houses and the underground area. Please use them. One thing I would do; Use a teleporter on one of the attics. Make sure nobody is inside of the attic. Block the entrances with tables, and jump out. If you need to escape, just use the Teleporter. ttt_minecraft_b# The Nether is a dangerous place. However, Dumping bodies is quite a good habit. The lighthouse is not the only place to snipe... If you're a T, you might want to dispose of the Diamond Ores. Any one will do. As an Inno, Find ALL of the Diamond ores, and sacrifice it to notch. Inno's will automatically win. As a Detective, Throwing the Diamonds in lava is a traitorous act. Suspect, BUT DO NOT KILL people who do so. Other maps will be posted as soon as I get back, and learn how 2 spoiler.