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  1. BOSSES The bosses that we use in Versus Ponyville are for the most part based around vanilla boss/Rage mechanics from Eggman's Freak Fortress 2. If you have ideas about a new boss, then reading up on FF2 itself would be a good place to start in seeing what is truly possible with this mod. I have begun work on a page detailing all of our current bosses and their Rage mechanics. This page includes information regarding the duration, radius, and timing for Rages. Although it might seem redundant, altering any of these values can actually have a significant impact on the way that a Boss is played. Sometimes, balancing a Boss is only a matter of reducing their Rage by seconds. If you would prefer to suggest weapon ideas or changes for players, please use the following thread.
  2. Example: Poster 1: What's for dinner? Poster 2: 30,000 pounds of bananas. {Harry Chapin} Then poster 2 would ask a question, and it goes from there. Have fun! Start What's your favorite color?
  3. Hey Im kind of new to TF2 mods, looking for help on the ponyville servers, how to defeat bosses, rocketjump, bind keys, superjump as boss, special powers, stuff to get better so I dont die so early on in arena. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Whats going on the following are disabled: Chat Main Website TF2 Pony modded games.
  5. As We Know The Dazzlings Are currently being worked on... last time we saw them No Name Showed us them in Pony Form....(Old Video... Unsure if they have been updated or not Edit:There has been no Updates to the pony models) But the Dazzlings have been and always shall be Humans/Sirens... we never seen them as ponies....the Question i'm asking here is... would you guys Rather have them Human? Or Pony? (Even Though They Don't Have a Pony Form)
  6. Let's try and come up with the corniest pony pickup lines Do you make cupcakes? because you sure are sweet
  7. Oi! If you haven't already known, I do Art. What kind of art? this kind... Still Dont know what I draw? Well I draw:Colored or Black and White Human, Pony, Or Whatever it issafe, sugestive*, nsfw**​​*=Not sure if can post or not... **=Cant post here. Just contact me then, I used to do requests. Now I do commissions and I show my work here. I could once in a while do some requests, just check the thread. ;3 When finish with something, I will post the pic and/or the DA link in the thread Completion time is a little "skechy". lol. All art pieces will have my Signature "Elvis//Lopez-2015" if you have requested or commissioned something and want it without my Signature, PM me and I will Send you the Signature-less copy. To look at recent finished works, Please, check my DA, Derpibooru, or FA _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Currently Working on: Toki's Request(pf2)Aaron's Request(Pf2)Coloring Some GiftsColoring some peices_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Places to Find me: DA: Derpibooru -Ask for Link- FA -Ask for Link- Commission Info And List:(Opening Soon-ish) Current Commisson Queue:
  8. So, basically a poll to see what the dominant line-ups in this particular community are. Poll is anonymous, and you can choose multiple characters per class if you're not sure. Choices are ordered randomly and chosen by what I believe are the most popular for that class, or have some logical connection to it. If you chose other, please clarify. If you feel that your choice for a particual class will be... deviant, from what you expect will be the most dominant, please leave some thoughts. Also, bonus points if you get Derpy's third name.
  9. I've scoured the internet for a while looking for the artist of the pony models, you know, the ones you can use on ponyvote. In addition, does anyone know if it's possible to download those as mods for TF2 so you can see them all the time (on servers that allow mods)? I'd love that. I recently decided to get out of competitive tf2 and I just want to be silly with the game. Thanks in advance!
  10. 1) Trixie is blue. Everypony knows all the best ponies are blue. Rainbow Dash, Luna, Trixie. All awesome, all blue. 2) Trixie wears a cape and a hat. Most ponies don't even wear clothes! What fools, running around exposing themselves, while the Great and Powerful Trixie is fully protected from the elements. 3) Trixie is great and powerful. Who else is great and powerful? No one else. 4) Trixie has the best voice ever, and shares it with the queen of the Changelings. So now we know that Trixie is better than your pony. Now go, Trixie minions, and share this knowledge with the world!
  11. Hey guys. my name is Andreas Alexander Fox II. but you can call me andy for short. i'm looking to start a new RP and i was wondering if anyone would like to help me out with this. Send me your OC's background and i will send a message back letting you know that you can join. I have just a few rules. 1.) Be nice to everyone else 2.) No bullying 3) Have fun
  12. One thing that I really notice about myself is a desire to know other people's opinions for certain things and the reasoning behind why they think that way. So I thought the other day about how I have heard that some people don't like the episode "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" and I always wondered why that was considering that I, myself, enjoyed the episode and didn't personally find anything truly wrong with it. So I thought to myself, 'I wonder what other episodes of the show people like the least and why'. That's when I came up with the idea to create this post. Made obvious by the name and the above statement, I want to know what your least favorite episode is and why. I won't disagree with it or tear your opinion to pieces or anything else like that (hell, I probably won't even reply unless I get a least favorite episode), I just wish to be nosy. And please, when you say why, try not to say "Because I didn't like it". Try to analyze the specifics of why you didn't like the episode. Was it because of the episode's story? The lesson? The outcome? Anything but "Because I didn't like it" if you can, PLEASE. Also, this is just a post where people outline their opinions for others to read, not to critique. If you want to post something here, please relate it only to your least favorite episode and the reasoning behind your opinion, not why you disagree with someone else's opinion. Love and Tolerate. I trust you all enough to do so normally, but I'm just making a point to say it when I start this thread. So let me get this out of the way now, I personally do not have a least favorite episode. While I do like some episodes more than others, I don't really have one that I dislike for any particular reason, just ones that I like better than some of the others. Your turn.
  13. ^ ^ Hello everypony! My name is Showstopper Star and I am new to this website. I was wondering if anypony out there is from Jolly Ol' England like I am, and If any of you are attending the animecon in feburary. It would mean alot to know that there are other pony-lovers out there as well as me, who live in Britan. :) - Showstopper Star
  14. Now, let's get something straight. Everyone on these forums claims their favourite pony is best pony. Fair enough, you love 'em, you think highly of 'em. What you don't know is that you're wrong. There is only one best pony. And that's because he's not only a pony, but every single animal. Even a changeling. I am, of course, talking about da man, Discord. "hello." Look at that sexy thing, with it's sexy beard, its sexy fang and sexy eyes. Now, you've obviously been blown away by his current sexiness, but you may futily try to argue "But he ain't as adoralbe as other ponies as a foal!" Well, you're wrong. "This bunny used to be angel." See, he wasn't just born awesome. No, he worked for it, using his adorableness, he'd make you lower your guard and then BAM! Cotton candy in yo face. That's how he conquered Equestria in the first place. Yeah, that's right. He was the ruler of Equestria. He owned all the bitches. Literally. He don't need fancy smanshy elements, either. He corrupted them all and ruled Equestria again. Then Tia the cheater cheated and un-corrupted them using the really sappy "friendship reports" sent by her favourite one of the ugly mares. He was defeated, but he's still alive, and he'll come back eventually. "He's all evil 'n' shit too." As a final, desperate argument, you might say "But your AWESOME GOD OF CHAOS can't possibly look good as a woman!" Well, think again. "I rest my case."
  15. This thread is for videos made by Source Filmmaker with ponies in it. -- I will start things off with this delightful video of Derpy Hooves.
  16. This thread is to discuss an issue that has been brewing around colleges everywhere. Not because of the college, but the students themselves. The point of this thread is to start a movement.YES! A MOVEMENT! Right here on ponyville. Things seem to spread fast here, so it was decided that we post here. Plus some of you might be having these one if not both of these issues. It is good to help one another find the right career for you if you're not sure what to go for. ISSUES 1) The point of any institution is to supply the knowledge necessary to succeed in certain fields of work. Now, new students seem to come into college not knowing what they want to do. This problem causes to make students to just pick any career without taking any real consideration on whether or not it's the profession they really want and or good at. This Discussion: What can be done to stop this? How can you help you/someone make the right call? Are you having this problem? 2) Students seem to go into college thinking that the only good careers are the ones the pay the most or make you famous in some way. This is a mistake. This has caused too many students to pick predictable degrees and overflow the workforce with the same types of people. This is why post grads have problems getting jobs too. Students are not choosing careers based on what they've been good at doing so far in their lives. Not doing causes kids to choose careers that they are either not good at or are going to be unhappy with in the future. Discussion: If agreed, how can we change this ideology of going for what makes more money or getting known? How can we present this case to the rest of students on every campus around the country, if not the world? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe we can make this happen, but it's going to take the work of all of us who are willing to change things. LET'S DO THIS THING!!!!
  17. Something I was bored of; didn't exactly want to publish it but did it anyway http://www.fimfictio...s-Equine-Appear Or you can just read it here.
  18. Ladies and Gentlecolts i present to you. You'll never stop the ponies. a Song me and a friend had been working on for a while is finally done. Parody of We didn't start the fire. LINK:
  19. Ok so you all got to know me as Rhapsody Star, and I was still rather new with the series. I think it's time for my next step: A full blown Ponysona/Bronysona instead of just a random (though fitting) OC. However it will still be a long way before I completely fix one of those. But my general idea right now is a darker toned pony, like dark pink. Of Course it stays with a Pegasus, I just can't see myself as a pony without wings when comes to a ponysona. (Not to be confused by me thinking I'm a physical pony RL cause I don't. I'm a nutter but not that nuts lol.) I would definitely add long stylish manes and long stylish tail in rainbow colors. (Not to copy Rainbow Dash, I just love rainbow colors!) Though I got a near done ponysona on SL, her name on there is Skittles and I'd want to be sure no one else here is called that, so I won't steal someone's name. If so I can take on different name for use on this forum no prob! Anyway you probably think by now: Ok that covers big part of the brony. Why do you make this thread? Well, I have gotten to some pinches in the creation. I never fully decided about my color. Any ideas? Also I made this thread to make sure no one else has the name Skittles yet! Any ideas are welcome. Could be you think of stuff I didn't think of but when I hear it I can be like: Hey that's right! Let's see where this goes :) CutieMark Skittles
  20. This has been bothering me for a while I wanna know if the dr is a pegasus or a earth pony I got some videos I found to prove he had wings and other videos he didnt. This is one of the video where he doesnt have have wings and he is just an earth pony. This other video shows himm having wings during a contest. So please let me know if he is a earth pony or a pegasus I am really confuse here o-o..
  21. Sorry If I posted this in the wrong place but Sometime this month (March) My Little Pony Toys are coming to McDonalds!!!!! I'm gonna get them all! lol
  22. I always wonder what do dreams mean and what are there propose in life. I always been afraid of mostly everything in life, I am a very shy person and need to find some confidence, in my self but lately for a very long time and I know this may sound very weird and strange to you all but every time I dream I always dream of going on an adventure, or going unto battles, and fighting etc.. I do not know why I keep dreaming, of these kind of things but I have been dreaming them for a long time I do not enjoy violence, or enjoy hurting others but each and every time I watch armies fighting against each other like they do in the movies I always wanted to be part of the battle but in real life I am mostly afraid of things cause of my shyness...So what are these dreams I am constantly having mean ?.