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Found 2 results

  1. So, I drew my OC, and I was just wondering people's opinions on it... I'm not that good at drawing, but yeah n_n just wondering people's opinions. Also it's an Alicorn because I couldn't decide on a type, so I just took a quiz and got Alicorn so~ yeah... lol ((If the image doesn't pop up, it's also my profile pic))
  2. I have a question, maybe it has already been answered everywhere here, but I just didn't found it and I would like a little clarification on this subject. Celestia is an alicorn, Luna is also an alicorn. Luna is a little bigger than the rest of the ponies. But Celestia is huge compared. As bigger as when Luna was evil. Does this mean that Celestia is only that big because she is the princess? Like in big because of magic? Because all the other alicorns are not that big. She kind of seems like a horse, but she's still a pony, right? Sorry for the dumb questions.