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  1. I'm a little put off by the scatter being drastically nerfed like this. There's no buff in damage and it gives no buffs to movement, so why does it have a bleed? I understand its to get rid of hiding scouts, but why this gun? Also I've been trying to work around it, but there's a huge problem with the bleed on hiding hales. I spend most of the game holding my melee other than trying to shoot.
  2. Ok! I got a super cool idea. This is in the raw, but I attend to Make a series of youtube video's on tips and tricks with the server. Well not completely "I". I will need some help. Most of what I could do is make fancy artwork for it. Filming gameplay and setting up key situations during said gameplay. Is where my mind struggles to formulate an idea on how to do this. If you have an idea or want to help out, That would be cool. It would be nice if I could form a team so we can work on this. Friendship is magic and a team can take a fortress ^^ .
  3. It's not that I'm super angry that fixes aren't being made to the server, but it does concern me. The time I have spent on this server has been a good. I'm afraid that its coming to an end. I've received many complaints about server bugs and unbalanced weapons/hales. You know, the stuff you've heard before. The thing is Community members are starting to get mad and its usually the donors. I like this community and if people stop donating I feel the server will be completely abandoned. It does feel abandoned already. So, I have an idea. A community wide search for someone with the expertise, Trustworthy, and devoted to fixing the problems the community demands. With someone like this the server will be maintained, donors will be happy, and the founders can concentrate on....Idk something. It will also take the pressure off you guy's. Only thing is, will you appoint him/her if we do find someone? I hope you do consider this, thank you for your time.