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  1. 1) Trixie is blue. Everypony knows all the best ponies are blue. Rainbow Dash, Luna, Trixie. All awesome, all blue. 2) Trixie wears a cape and a hat. Most ponies don't even wear clothes! What fools, running around exposing themselves, while the Great and Powerful Trixie is fully protected from the elements. 3) Trixie is great and powerful. Who else is great and powerful? No one else. 4) Trixie has the best voice ever, and shares it with the queen of the Changelings. So now we know that Trixie is better than your pony. Now go, Trixie minions, and share this knowledge with the world!
  2. alright so this is a well known fact all over Equestria, Soarin' is the best pony. if you're sitting there thinking to yourself "what? how is soarin the best?" then clearly you have never seen my little pony: fim, so for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to see this great show here are the reasons why soarin' is the best. 1 • Rainbow Dash is the judge of all things cool, there is no arguing this. she thinks that the wonderbolts are amazingly cool. Soarin' is in the wonderbolts, therefore soarin' is cool. 2 • Soarin' has a fantastic ability, along with his talent of flying soarin' also possesses the gift of being able to be in two places at once. lies and slander? nope. here's the proof: yup, he's a stud. 3 • Soarin' is an aficionado of fine pies, Apple Jacks pies are works of art, each made with the love and care of a grand earth pony, and by choosing her pie he was choosing the finest of the fine in the world of apples and pies. Also, many of the high class ponies looked down upon this commoners food but Soarin', being the best pony that he is, stepped up, despite what others may have said, to eat what he wanted to eat. Such devotion, such class. 4 • [bonus Reason] nopony sounds as magnificent while eating a pie as Soarin' does. Feel free to add your own reasons why nopony is better than the best. ...the best being Soarin'