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  1. Have you actually tried to convert others? If you did, how did it go? The only person I converted was my little brother. When he found out that I liked the show, he was actually indifferent towards it because he thought it was actually a show for teenagers and older. It was because he first found out through Masterlinkx, a youtube user who is a young adult fan of Nintendo. He never checked it for himself because he associated this "cute looking show for teenagers" with one that exists: Happy Tree Friends, which is very violent, stupid, and unappealing to him. I explained to him that it is actually a little girl's show. He doubted it at first and then started to condesend me a little. But, he really started to not take me seriously anymore when it was confirmed when he saw a commerical advertising the toy of the show. However, eventually he was bored enough to actually give the show a try, but he really didn't like the pilot episodes. I told him, I didn't like them too, but you should still watch them to get a feel for these characters and the show really gets better when they have no plot and have random episodes. As soon as he watched the Ticket Master, he really loved the show as he said it reminded him of the good old cartoons such as Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends. He truely became a fan and actually tried to convert his friends, but failed as he got ridiculed. My brother is a pretty confident guy, he just shrugged it off and pitied them as they don't know what they are missing he says. Well, I am not confident to convert my friends, so I always decided to be mute about it until the perfect time aries. A few times I made some references to it and they did ask where, but I cowardly told them to search it up themselves which they never did. I decided to wait for them to actually see some MLP material which would be the next time they came over to my house, but it didn't go so great... I have two desktops and one laptop. They all have MLP related backgrounds. One had the Heavy, Scout, and Rainbow Dash in a Gmod shot. My friends assumed that this whole shot was actually from Team Fortress and thought nothing from it. One had a realistic drawing of Discord. While they were impressed how cool it looked, but they didn't asked where its from and I was mute about it. However, my third one was a drawing of Celestia and Luna, but drawn in a way that wasn't really cartoonish. And one of my friends finally reacted to it. "What is up with this pony thing?" Before I could make a response, my other friend said "Oh God, reminds me of a nasty pronz video I watched called Clop Clop." He said he only watched it because of curiosity as it was referenced in Reddit and because of that, my friends will never like the show. It's terrible to think that the sick minority of people who love this show are one of the many big reasons why it receives so much hate. Oh well. Sorry if this post was too long and probably will get ignored, but w/e.