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  1. Just wondering, is Dallas now a perma-halloween server now? The voodoo cursed parts are gone, no one ever cooperates for this event in this server anyway (lol simple instructions) and it's been long enough that most of the regulars of the server are sick of the event and do not touch Dallas. Are there plans to go back to the usual map rotation? When can we expect that?
  2. Very recently the voting system, along with the map list, default map and other things were changed on the Dallas server. One of the more minor changes was done to the voting system itself - the addition of a 'no vote' option. This option is set to the [1] key which has generally caused issues for me at the beginning of a round. I press the number keys to switch between weapons so at the beginning of a map when I'm trying to get out of spawn or what have you, I may switch between weapons for whatever reason and then press 1 as the final vote happens. This means that in a tossup between degroot and a decent map I'm gonna get stuck with degroot because I accidentally skipped my vote. What do you think about this change? Have you had issues with this in-game?
  3. I overheard some people talking about it on the server, and that simple was going to bring it up to Rainicorn later on, but I might as well drop it here since I got nothing better to do at the moment. Frankly, what was said is that the AFK Manager mod timer for kicking people after AFK'ing at spawn is waaay too short. It's even short for me, and all I do is maybe tab out and type something to someone. We just need it to be longer. At least a minute or so. Unless someone moves around a bunch to put off the timer, people can't trade, go to the bathroom, or do anything extra. I understand that someone could disconnect to do their business, but it becomes a nuisance when someone D/C's, does their business, and then can't get back on because the server is full, or someone gets kicked for a reserve after they waited, and so on. It just needs to be addressed. :) On another note, I'm going on vacation in a few hours so I won't be able to reply or discuss this, or anything else, at all. :D I see you all in 3 weeks.