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  1. Well due to constant nagging of a certain forumgoer, I've finally made the topic for the team. Full Roster is: Scout-Finn/Coffee Time(Flutterscoot) Solider-Mathyou/Sparks Pyro-LOL/Xenmas Demo-Kman224 Heavy-Mr.Kenyon Engineer-Meee~/Zelc Medic-Fluffy Sniper-Ng/Coffee Time(Flutterscoot) Spy-Woodle/Ozy If you don't see your name here it's because you're ugly and nobody likes you. Remind me on steam or via PM who you are and I will add you on the roster. Like all the other dead topics, I will post information on our matches n such here. We are always looking for subs and if you are a sub but want the main role, you can always MGE the person to get it from them. But a team leader has to be present for this. Besides that, I will be making the steam group soon and sending out invites! Have fun and remember, nobody wants to be a Squidward!
  2. Ok so i live in indiana and would like to gave out free muffins would it be ok if i gave them out at my house.(i plan to make a sign that says Free Muffins knock on door 1 per person must be over 16 years old or with a grown up(you know so i don't look like a crazy grown man gaveing out muffins to little kids) anywhy is there any laws that say i can't do this i don't want to get a fine for this (even if it is a act of kindness)