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  1. This is just me getting my thoughts out Alright, I've been watching Doctor Who on netflix lately, and noticed something peculiar. On the 10th episode of the first season, there is a disease that turns people into these soulless, empty gas mask people. Now, this strikes a particularly interesting resemblance to... The ghost people from Fallout New Vegas dlc: Dead Money. Now, i suppose looking at them alone and trying to compare isn't a close enough resemblance. "Oh, anyone wearing a gas mask can be compared to someone else wearing a gas mask." Well, i have more to go on. The Doctor "Not "THE DOCTOR," but the one studying the strange plague, noted that "They just don't die." Indeed, the Ghost people from NV are difficult to kill. Conventional means yield little results. Still, not convincing? Well... In Doctor Who,The gas mask plague is spread by contact. You touch a victim, you ARE a victim. As noted by several of the characters from New Vegas, the Ghost people are seemingly limitless. They are reported to "Drag their victims off into the cloud, never to be seen again." Fans speculate these Ghost People victims are actually converted into more Ghost People using unknown means.
  2. i was sad that there was no Dotor Who tread so i made one it is ment so ponies can just talk about all aspects of Doctor Who any Doctor any year