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Found 3 results

  1. Krucification's Art Dump Just decided to start this up to show you guys a little bit of my work. First off, my dA Gallery I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think. I'll be posting a couple of other things here shortly, concept art, thumbnails, all that jazz. Hopefully you'll like that as well.
  2. So, I drew my OC, and I was just wondering people's opinions on it... I'm not that good at drawing, but yeah n_n just wondering people's opinions. Also it's an Alicorn because I couldn't decide on a type, so I just took a quiz and got Alicorn so~ yeah... lol ((If the image doesn't pop up, it's also my profile pic))
  3. So, I liked the idea of what Cinnamon and Pixel did for their 3k and 1k posts and I have reached two thousand here I am....willing to answer any question with a promised truthful answer. But unlike their their threads, this is also a suggestion thread for drawings....because I think you all know that I need more practice... So, I will take any suggestion for a picture but if you want a good picture, suggest a pony and if you are going to suggest and OC please include a picture... Have a nice day ^_^