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  1. So... I basically started this thread to remember (and celebrate) those moments in a vsp round where you played so epically (forgive me for the wording, I'm not that creative), it deserved a place in your personal hall of fame (and maybe, if this thread doesn't immediatly go to oblivion, here as well). If you're not really sure what I'm talking about, I mean moments like... soloing a hale with a kgb, surviving as a medic for minutes in the hale's killzone and asking yourself afterwards how the hell you lived (a personal favorite), dominating a hale with trick- and facestabs, dominating a player as the hale, airblasting the hale into a telefrag, winning as the hale with 1 hp left, and so forth... So it can be moments both and the player and the hale's side, anything goes. So... without further ado, Let The Epicness Begin! Forgive me I couldn't find another way to end this.
  2. Hello everypony! My name is Secrios, and I would like to present to you my wacky fan series "Blue Spy" (It has ponies in it :D). It is a touching tale of love and loss, as a Blue Spy falls in love with Rarity. So far two episodes have been made, but there will be more. Bellow you can see the two finished episodes now :D!
  4. Hey Everybody, so I'm doing an English paper about us bronies, and I need a bit of research, ya know about stuff like what we do, and why we like the show, and stuff like that. So if you could just tell me how you got started on the show, and why you like it, and what being a brony is to you, that would be great! Thank a ton!
  5. Hello everypony! I noticed there are a few key individuals who enjoy mixing time travel and all the fun fiascos that entail as much as I do. So, I decided to create an RP for all those guys and people wanting to join in on the time travel talk. I guarantee there will be endless fun, and I hope Septus and Dr. Whooves see this. Feel free to jump in at any time! That is the joy of time travel, after all. *Ahem* To start off.... IC: Stargazer and Delta walked through the library of the Hall of Time, deep in conversation. "So the Council is starting a new team." Stargazer spoke quietly, not wanting to spread word around. "Why are they doing that?" "I don't know. Honestly, I thought they learned certain time travelers shouldn't be given such.... priveleges." Delta whispered. "But why am I needed back? I thought you were the new guardian." "I still am, but I suppose they need the best for the new assignments."