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  1. So, I know many of us would love to go to Equestria. What happens when the series ends though? If you could move to Equestria, a one way trip, but it would mean living for only four or five more years, would you do it? And what it you could just live happily ever after? Would you go? Just you, you can't take anyone with you. Edit: tweaked poll options.
  2. This is a story i am working on so here is chapter one tell me what you think. note i wrote chapter one a few weeks into being a brony. Equestria Dreams While sitting at my computer watching My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. I started to day dream about what it would be like to be a pony on the show. And soon I fell asleep and was dreaming about My Little Pony. All of a sudden I hear the voice of twilight sparkle. She was trying to wake me up it sounded like. And it just kept getting louder and louder. I snapped out of my slumber wide awake. But I kept hearing her voice. Hey were you sleeping while watching us. I was in shock. Twilight Sparkle seemed to be talking to me through the computer. So I replied I guess I dosed off. Wandering if she was going to reply again. Well you seemed like you was having a good dream huh. I stared at her in shock. I was talking to Twilight Sparkle. She then said. Do you want to see a cool trick I just learned. Uhhh sure I reply. I see her horn light up. All of a sudden a vortex opened up behind me and I was sucked into it. Every thing was black. Then I felt a small breeze and heard Twilight again speaking to me. Hey wake up. Wake up. WAKE UP!!!. I came to and I was staring her in the face. I jumped back in shock. Then noticed something else. I looked down And I saw hoofs. Then I looked behind me and saw I had a mane and tail. I passed out. Again I was being woke up by Twilights voice. I come to again. She then said sorry about that. I should have warned you about what I was going to do. Whats going on here I said. Oh well. I kind of brought you into my world and made you into one of us. Wait Wait Wait. You made me into a pony and I am in Equestria. Yep that is right said Twilight. Well this is very interesting. I said. Then I look to my rear and said. Well I don't guess I have a cutie mark do I. No you got to earn that like every other pony. Said Twilight. Then I looked again. Hey im a Pegasus. Sweet I can fly. Yes you can fly but I have Rainbow Dash coming over to show you the ropes in a bit. She said. Oh My GOSH I get to meet Rainbow Dash this is so awesome. I said in excitement. Yep you two are going to get along just fine. Twilight why to you make me into a pony any way. I asked. Well I have been watching you for a while. You seem happiest when you are watching us. You just needed a change in your life and I gave it to you. She said. I could not help my self. I jumped on top of her and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. Thank you so much Twilight. Your welcome, She replied. Hmm were is Rainbow Dash? Its not like her to be late. Said Twilight Sparkle. The we hear a boom and a rainbow shoots out across the skies. Well it looks like she is practicing the sonic rain boom again. No wonder she is late. That has been bugging her all week. Oh look there she is. I see her flying really fast towards us with a rainbow shooting out from behind her. She stops mid flight and lands right in front of me. My mouth dropped and I could not say a word. I was so happy to be standing in front of the coolest pony I have ever laid my eyes upon. So you are the pony in town that I get to teach how to fly huh. Said Rainbow Dash. I uh uh uh am y-y-y-your biggest fan. I said. Well thanks, but i'm not here to talk about how awesome I am. I am here to teach you how to fly. Are you ready to hit the skys. Asked Rainbow Dash. YEAH I AM. Lets do this. I want to be able to fly as fast as you. I said in excitement. Whoa there. That is going to take a lot of time to learn how to do. Lets just teach you the basics and the I will let you go from there. Said Rainbow Dash. Now start flapping those wings. I started flapping and I felt my self start to lift off the ground. This was a feeling I loved. I looked up at a cloud. And with out thinking twice I started flying towards it. Rainbow Dash watched me. And said to Twilight Sparkle. Wow I think we have a natural flier on out hands. I didn't even have to tell her any thing. Twilight gave a Nod to agree. I land on the cloud and I can not help but lay down on the cloud. It was amazing. Just like a really soft bed. It does not take long for Rainbow Dash to come and lay beside of me. Its a good feeling huh. She said. Yeah I said. You should come up to my place and room with me. I have plenty of room. I know you don't want to stay on the ground. I can already tell your place is in the sky. I would love that Rainbow Dash. Are you sure thats ok though. I mean we only just met. I asked. Yeah im sure, she replied in a happy tone. Before we go though. Can you introduce me to the other ponies. I asked. Sure she said. But first, what is your name. I thought for a moment and then said. Oh my name is Windy. I like that name Rainbow Dash said with a smile. With that we was off to meet the others. Soon I found my self coming up on a big apple orchard. My heart grew with excitement, as we landed next to a barn. We waited for awhile, and then I heard Rainbow Dash yell for Apple Jack. Hold on to your hoofs for just a sec. I am on my way. Said Apple Jack. Soon I saw Apple Jack come around the corner of the barn. What do you want Rainbow Dash? She asked. Oh I just wanted you to meet the new pony in town. Said Rainbow Dash. Apple Jack Stared At me for a moment, and said. Well nice to meet you. I'm Apple Jack. I help run this apple orchard run by my family. And we make some of the best apple pies you have ever tasted. So what's your name, She asked I'm Windy, and I am pleased to meet you. I said. Well thats a nice name. Wait. Your a Pegasus pony. Oh this is going to be fun for Rainbow Dash. Said Apple Jack. Well she is not that strong of a flier yet. That will take some time I think. Said Rainbow Dash. I look at Rainbow Dash with a puzzled look. What?? said Rainbow Dash. Do a sonic rain boom and I will take that back. I looked at her and said. Yeah thats not going to happen for a while. Well Apple Jack. I better be taking her to the other ponies houses. Said Rainbow Dash. Thats just dandy. You all have a good day now. Said Apple Jack. We took off again, and headed towards Pinky Pies house. When we landed I knocked on the door. And now one come. Hmm that is odd. Said Rainbow Dash. Lets just go in. Im sure that she is home. Rainbow Dash opened the door. And it was pitch black. Hello Pinky Pie are you home? Pinky Pie? Then with out warning. All the lights come on and every one shouted Surprise!!! I jumped and with in a slight state of shock. Every one was there. Then Pinky Pie burst out into a song. Welcome to Pony Ville It's a magical and wonder full place to stay. Welcome to Pony Ville lets go play play play. Pinky Pie!!! said every one but me who was on the verge of tears. Oh sorry If I scared you. Hehehe. Said Pinky Pie. So Whats your name huh huh huh. Asked Pinky Pie. I'm Windy, its nice to meet you, and all the ponies. I said. Well then alow me to give you a proper welcome to Ponyville. Said Rarity. If you every need any thing darling. Feel free to ask. But we simply must make you a nice dress, and I think I know what to make you. This is going to be so fun. Well that would be very kind of you, I said. I looked over in the corner of the room and saw a pony just hiding. So I decided I would go and introduce myself to her. Hey I'm Windy. I'm the new pony in this town, and thought I would come and introduce my self. I said with a cheerful voice. She looked at me and the innocent voice came out that would melt the heart of any pony. She said, I'm Flutter Shy. Its very nice to meet you. What do you do around here? I asked. Oh I care for all the animals and make sure they are happy and healthy. That is very sweet of you Flutter Shy. I said. I hope we can become very good friends. Umm... Windy I think Twilight Sparkle is wanting you. Said Flutter Shy. Ok its been nice meeting you. Hope we can hang out some time soon. I said. So I went back to see whats Twilight Sparkle wanted. Do you need me Twilight. I asked. I just wanted to talk to you for a few minutes. She said. You look like you are going to be just fine in Ponyville, And that makes me happy to know. I was wondering. Do you have a place to stay yet. Or do you want to stay with me? She asked. Oh yeah. I have a place. Rainbow Dash invited me to come and stay with her at her house in the sky. But thanks for the offer. I said. Well thats good to hear. I thought I would tell you that Princess Celestia is coming to town, and she wants to meet you. If that is ok. She asked. Oh yes that would be fine I said. Wait you said the Princess is coming today!!! said Rarity. Yes she will be here in a few hours said Twilight Sparkle. Oh no no no. We can't let Windy meet her with out anything to wear. That would be disgraceful. I won't allow it. Said Rarity in a stern voice. With that she runs out the door to try to find something for Windy to wear. Sorry about that,said Twilight Sparkle. She gets like that from time to time. But you can't say no. Ok its ok. I understand. I said. I looked around and saw no signs of Apple Jack, and asked. Were is Apple Jack at. I have not seen her since the farm. Oh She should be here soon. She had to make a few stops before coming over. Said Twilight Sparkle. Hey Windy come over here for a sec. Rainbow Dash yelled. So I run over to go see what she wants. I'm going up to Cloudsdell tomorrow it you want to come with me. She asked. Sure that would be fun Rainbow Dash. I would like that. I said. Yeah I want to show you were I learned how to fly, and were the weather is made. Said Rainbow Dash. The you hear Apple Jack come in the door. Sorry I'm late every one. But I had to chase Apple Bloom down so she could come to. With a flash I was right next to Apple Bloom. Aww arn't you the cutest little filly I said. Apple Bloom is my little sister said Apple Jack. As you can see. She is being a little shy right now. Apple Bloom say hi to Windy. Said Apple Jack. She looked down at the ground, and said hi in a shy tone. Don't worry Windy she will warm up to you soon. She was so excited when I told her about you. Said Apple Jack. Well thats ok. I don't expect her to warm up to me that quick. I mean she is just a little filly after all. I said. So I turned back towards Pinky Pie. Who was nose deep in a bowl of punch. I could not help but laugh at her. She was a silly pony after all. Pinky Pie looked up from the punch bowl and saw me. Hmm punch is all ways better when you dive in head first. She said with a laugh. I could not help but laugh at what she said. She has a wild since of humor. Wow I replied. I think this is going to be a good place to stay. More like the best place ever. I would not imagine living any were else. Said Pinky Pie. Ok Ok your right. This is the best place ever to live. I said in Agreement. Now that you agree, would you like some punch. She asked. I looked at her and said. I think I will pass this time. With a smile. Suit your self, she said. Then proceeded to continue dunking her snout in the punch. With that I decided to go talk to Rainbow Dash for a bit. But I didn't make it far. I'm back Windy, Called Rarity. She the produced a wonderful dress. I was memorized by it. I could not speak. Well what do you think of it Windy, asked Rarity. I LOVE IT. I yelled. Well thats wonderful dear. Considering I just through it together in under two hours. Thank goodness for a magical horn. She said. Now lets get this on you before the Princess arrives. It did not take long for her to have me all dolled up and ready to meet the pincess. Every one was in ah over me when they say me. How does it feel, asked Rarity. It feels wonderful. I said in excitement. Twilight Sparkle then came up to me and said. You look wonderfull. The princess with be here in a few minutes. I just for word, and don't be nervous. She will love you. I ope your right. I told Twilight Sparkle. I know she will said Twilight. I was starting to get really nervous. And it showed. The other ponies could see the tears rolling from my eyes. Fluttershy come up too me. It will be ok. Said Fluttershy. Some thing about her voice made me feel a lot better. Thank you Fluttershy. You really know how to cheer a pony up. I said to her with a slight smile. Soon I heard a know at the door. I knew who it was. Twilight Sparkle ran to the door. I watched as she opened the door. Then with the door fully open. I saw Princess Celestia with two guards by her sides. I watched as she gracefully walked though the door. It did not take long for her to spot me. She walked over to towards me. I keeled down in front of her. Raise up, and let me see your face. She looked at me for a moment and said. My my, such a pretty pony must have a pretty name as well. So what is your little one. With a stutter i my voice I said. My name is Windy. Well then Windy. It gives me great honor to welcome you to Ponyville. She said. Oh and Wendy. Let me give you some advice. Don't be so nervous when I am around. I don't bite. With a slight nudge from her snout. I smiled at her and giggled a little at what she just said. I promise to be the best pony I can be princess. And it a pleasure to meet you. I said. Now with all that said. I am proud to make Windy a member of Equestria. Tears started pooring from my eyes. I was so happy. My dream was coming true, right before my eyes. I looked around and I also saw Twilight crying as well. I walked over to Twilight with tears still rolling from my eyes. Why are you crying Twilight I asked. I can tell that your happy and that makes me happy. Said Twilight. Princess Celestia saw me and Twilight crying. She came over to us and gave us both a hug. We both cuddled up to her, and felt her warm embrace. There there little ones, she said. Time to dry those tears and enjoy the party. Pinky Pie decided this would be the perfect time to start some music and start dancing. It did not take long for her to us all laughing. It is just what we needed to make every thing feel complete. Well then it is time for me to go back, said Princess Celestia. We all bowed down as she left the party. After a few hours passed. The ponies were starting to leave. I looked over and saw that Rainbow Dash was over in the corner with Apple Jack. It seemed like they were competing. I then say Apple Bloom looking as though she was going to fall asleep. I could tell it was going to be awhile before they were done. So I went and laid down next to Apple Bloom. Who was just staring at the fireplace. I put my hoof over her and said. Hey there Apple Bloom. You look like you are getting tired. Yeah I am she said. But when Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash start competing. They don't stop for a long time. Said Apple Bloom. Well if you want to, you cansleep here and I will wake you when they are ready to go. I said. Are you sure she asked. Sure Im sure I said. Now you just sleep. You are still a little filly, and you need your sleep. Ok Windy. Thank you so much Windy, you are such a good friend. I slowly watched as she drifted off to sleep. She looked to cute while she was sleeping. Another hour passed until they were done. Apple Jack looked over and saw me laying beside Apple Bloom. Now aint that sweet. Windy I told you she would take up to you. Its not just any one she will fall asleep beside. You are a special pony. I can feel it. I hate to wake her up. But it it time to go home. Don't wake her I said. Just put her on my back, And I will carry her home. I said. I can't let you do that Windy. She is not that light. Said Apple Jack. I don't mind really. I just want to spend a little more time with her before I go. Ok said Apple Jack. I'm not going to argue with you. I let them load Apple Bloom onto my back and I proceeded to walk out the door with her. Trying to to wake her. For I did not want to disturb her peaceful slumber. As we walked, Apple Jack said. You know Windy. I might have you baby sit Apple Bloom every now and then. If you don't mind. I don't mind I said with a smile. I love kids, Well Apple Bloom can be a hand full. I can't get many people to watch her because of that reason. Well you don't have to worry about that with me Apple Jack. I am able to get right down to the same level as kids, and can read them like a book. I said. That makes me very happy to hear Windy. Said Apple Jack. Don't forget, she also has me to help, Said Rainbow Dash. Well Rainbow Dash. I don't mind you helping, Just don't teach her any thing she don't need to know. I know how you are. Said Apple Jack. It looks like I am going to have to watch after two kids, I said with a slight laugh. Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack both started laughing at what I said. Yeah I can be kind of childish some times, Said rainbow dash. After a few minutes went by we arrived at the farm. I took Apple Bloom inside and layed her down on her bed. She looked so sweet and Innocent. I could not help but shed a tear of joy. I gave her a slight kiss on the head and said. Ok Rainbow Dash lets go home before it gets to late. Ok then lets fly. Said Rainbow Dash. Just as I was taking off, Apple Jack said thanks for watching out for Apple Bloom. She needs some one like you to look up too. And you never know you and her might just earn your cutie marks together. I smiled and said. Its no problem Apple Jack If you need me just let me know and I will come. Hey what are you waiting on Windy its time to go, said Rainbow Dash. Have to go Apple Jack bye. And with that I was gone in a flash. We raced to Rainbow Dash's house in the sky. When we finally arrived my jaw dropped. It was beautiful. I was once again speechless. I found my self like that a lot here lately. So what do you think. Said Rainbow Dash. I built it myself. I love it I said. Well lets go inside she said. Upon going inside. Rainbow Dash showed me around and took me to my room. Here we are Windy. This is your room. I hope you like it. I looked around and saw the view from the window. I could see all of Ponyville. This is great Rainbow Dash. Well I am glad you like it. She said. It took me so long to make it. I just finished it last year and was looking for another flier to live with me. I am glad you came around. It was getting boring flying the skys with no competition. We you have it now, I replied. Well Windy. I guess it is time to get to bed. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. I watched as Rainbow Dash left the room. I could not believe the events that happened that day. I was excited to know that I had many more adventures to come and could not wait to see what would happen next. I layed down in the bed and soon. I was fast Asleep and in a nice peaceful slumber.