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  1. Simply said, who is your main hale? Is there any pony (or other species) you find much more fun (or easy/hard, whatever suits best) to play as compared to the rest? If so, why? Because of their innate abilities (like increased speed/jump height/resistances or either teleport/superjump)? Or because of their unique Rage-mechanics (ranging from the vanilla stun and uber like AJ, to utterly obliterating everyone you look at, like Octavia/Rainbow Dash/Discord)? Wich classes become a laughing stock to you, and wich are a royal pain in the ass to deal with? Any specific strategies you stick with, or just play on the fly? Or are you the kind of person who doesn't really care and always goes random/never is a boss instead? I'm asking this in the hope of discovering new viewpoints at certain hale's, and encouraging me to play other hales beside Mare-Do-Well/Celestia, so thanks in advance for any reply.