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  1. Disclaimer: This supposed new gamemode is in private alpha testing, invites to any tests will be handled solely by Jug and Jug alone. Do not ask to be invited. Do not post in here thinking you will be invited. The public beta will come whenever Jug feels its ready for the public and have a server to run it on. The purpose of this thread is to discuss potential features/public info. Pony vs. Pony (Or Mann vs Mann/Freak vs Freak for a non-Pony approach) A TF2 MOBA-stylized Pony Gamemode. Current Build: 0.0.2 What? Pony vs. Pony (or PvP as I'll refer to it) is a potential new multi-map gamemode that might come to the servers that introduce Freak Fortress 2/Versus Saxton Hale like aspects to traditional TF2 gamemodes such as Payload, Capture Point, etc in up to 16v16 (32 total) environment. Some major differences between this and its arena-based gamemode archetype is: multiple simultaneous character support (up to 6v6 all FF2-like characters), passive ability support, more indepth .cfg support (non-pony minion weapons are entirely editable in .cfgs), multiple ability support (currently setup to take a max of 8 separate abilities not including passives), pre/mid round opt out support, sub-map plugin support, etc. Who? This code is heavily based off of Freak Fortress 2 and has slightly modified code at its core. The majority of the edits were done by me with assistance from various sources. Where? No server is currently set up with it due to it being in private alpha, potentially it very may could end up as its own server if not just supported in the current Funbox servers. Why? I've got this idea from an old collaborator of mine whose initial idea was to merge League of Legends style gameplay with My Little Pony inside of TF2, he didn't get it done due to various reasons but I've decided to take on the challenge due to FF2/VSH/Juggernaut 1vAll gamemodes getting a little stale to me...don't ask me how this is very different but I'm just crazy enough to make it. When? This has been in on and off development for the past 6 months with the initial inception being much earlier than that. In regards to a potential release date, it (like many good projects) will be released when they're done rather than setting to a specific deadline. The majority of the core code is completed and stable but theres still quite a lot of sub-plugin work to do. So why am I making this thread? Its simple, I want ideas. What kind of ideas? Ideas ideas...Something like: Pony CharactersMechanicsBalancingWeaponsThings I'm not thinking of Q/A Isn't this just like Pony Fortress's one gamemode? In retrospect, yes. However this will support more than just 2 ponies at the same time, each having more than just 1-2 abilities. Which Pony Characters will be out initially? Although not all of them have been planned out yet: Pinkie Pie (Mage)Twilight Sparkle (Mage)Applejack (Brawler)Rarity (Assassin)Rainbow Dash (Assassin)Fluttershy (Support)Princess Luna (Mage/???)Princess Celestia (Brawler)A couple surprisesHow will this be like a MOBA rather than just traditional TF2 + FF2? Its an ever evolving process but in a sense all the characters who aren't ponies will function as creeps/minions while the ponies will be the respective heroes. There might be certain map-based changes to create the sense of a MOBA as well. What are some potential Donator features? Like VSP there will be certain Donator characters that can be selected by Donators but unlike VSP, these characters can indeed be rolled while selecting random. Wait, selecting Random has some benefits? Like what?! Certain characters such as Donator characters can be rolled in addition to certain private/potentially interesting characters ;) Many MOBAs have leveling/item purchasing to spice of gameplay, will this have it? Initially no. I plan to have a simplified version of this with no items/leveling to promote quicker round play and a longer one that'll be more like a MOBA including various features such as leveling and items. Again though, first comes the simple version. What is opting out? As I'm sure many of you know, some people just don't want to be ponies and would often suicide at the start of a VSP round to avoid it. Unfortunately how this functions with respawning characters and such, there isn't much of a way to avoid being one outside of resetting queue points and leaving. Opting Out is a clean feature that will allow the person to remove themselves from being a Pony (either during the pre-round or mid round) and picks a replacement in their stead. Wait, pre-round? Yes, pre-round...wait did I not mention unlike FF2/VSP, this has you select your boss/pony before the round starts rather than in the previous round. I guess not. Why would I want to opt out? You're making it sound like being a pony is awesome! What do minions/creeps have? They will have similar like properties to their VSP counterparts if just a bit reduced considering they have to be used against both ponies AND other creeps. One neat balancing feature that already exists for them is if a non-pony were to strike a pony with a non-knife melee weapon, it will always result in a crit. If the weapon were to crit anyways (such as from a demoknight charge boost or a random crit), it'll receive a 25% damage bonus. So wait, what if a non-pony backstabs a pony? Or what is a pony were to backstab a pony? Or a pony backstabs a non-pony? Currently, in order: Deals up to 25% of the pony's max health in damage. Deals 65% of the backstabee pony's max health in damage. Finally just an instant kill...sorry. Wait wait wait, how much health are these ponies packing? Just like FF2/VSP, their max health scales depending on how many active players there are but in a filled 32 server top off at around 4000 depending on the specific pony's health scaling value. Man, it sounds like this will be plenty bland without music, whats the deal with that? I had a bit of fun on that part, music will play individually to each player (and will be togglable of course). Ponies will only hear music from their character's playlist while minions will hear different music from their pony ally's playlists and change accordingly. Will there be a public release of this gamemode/script? No...maybe...I'm not sure and have no plans currently. Will minions/creeps have access to VSP's spellbook? I have no plans to do so for the time being. (EDIT BY VIDEO: WARNING, LOUD) Will KGB-like weapons return from VSP for minions? Yes actually, initially all heavies will have their miniguns disabled and all of their melee weapons be boosted within reason to adapt to a more melee styled gameplay. Most of the melee weapons will just have resistances/movement speed bonuses ontop of their traditional stats (like KGB will gain crit bonus on kill, Eviction Notice having increased attack speed, etc) while some will have more modified stats (Fists of Steel having incredible resistances to everything but decreased damage/movement speed, GRU having a quicker movement speed but lowered resistances stats). Are Pony abilities rely on cooldown/rage buildup? No, rage buildup has been changed to be an option for gaining/using abilities. Most abilities will use a resource known as Pony Power (PP) which functions similar to mana in most MOBAs. Certain abilities also require a health sacrifice to use them as well. How do ponies get health/pp? Can they pick up health/ammo packs or have it regen by Medics or Dispensers? Most ponies will be able to regenerate health/pp passively over time, some having an additional out of combat regeneration. Another way to regenerate health/pp is to run to a nearby respawn cabinet which will regen all lost health/pp. Health/Ammo packs have been made so they can't be picked up by ponies to avoid robbing them from minions who will rely on them more. Only certain ponies equipped with mediguns can heal other ponies, minion medics cannot heal ponies for health or pp. Dispenser support is currently being worked on and will scale their health/pp regen values based on their upgrade level. Which TF2 gamemodes will be initially supported? Capture Point (in both attack/defend and even start mode), Payload, Payload Race, and King of the Hill. Capture the Flag might receive support later depending on how success the response is and if I can come up with a way to make ponies swap out depending on how much one cooperates during said round. Arena won't initially since it conflicts with VSP, otherwise it'll require some changes to allow minions to respawn until all of 1 team's ponies are dead. Mann vs. Machine will not receive support since it conflicts with a common server structure. Custom modes such as deathmatch, robot destruction, zombie fortress, etc might receive support later down the road but nothing is currently planned. If a public release of the code won't be released any time soon, how about the includes/information so we can code sub-plugins for abilities and such? I do plan on releasing that before it gets released once a server is up so we can test them properly. However at the start it will only be given to trusted code-savy members. Will there be characters exclusive to this and not VSP (at least initially)? Maybe.... Any more information I will update here.
  2. Since this seems to be an often requested thing, I am creating a topic where you guys can suggest what game modes you want us to add to the funbox server so that it lives up to its name. Several pointers: Make sure you include a link to the game mode download location that you are proposing. If no link, make sure to include a descriptive name. This thread is not for full conversation about the game modes. A comment on the viability/popularity of the gamemode is fine, a page-long discussion about it isn't. At the same time, don't just drop links, explain what the game mode is and why you think it's a good addition. Before you post anything though, try to find out if the gamemode has been updated or works on TF2 as it currently is. If your game mode has not been updated since 2010, it's probably not a good sign.