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  1. post dem funny pony videos you guys can find add as many in a sitting I got a few of them they can be explict (only swearing explict nothing else) just put a warning above the video if it has swears Explict! there we go now its your turn too post some videos :D
  2. Let's try and come up with the corniest pony pickup lines Do you make cupcakes? because you sure are sweet
  3. hello while me and some members in that chats were talking i was uploading really funny images to the caht and thats when i thought we need a whole thread for this type of thing lets share the laughs every body ill start with a applebloom image
  4. Ok, so putting aside HUGE, life changing (and threatening) disasters that make you appreciate life, let's just list stupid and funny accidents you've been in. I for example, was playing with my Lego's when i was a little kid. They wouldn't slot in, so i began to use my jaw to click them together. And before i know it, BAM, i had just literally stapled two Lego blocks to my lower lip. It was bleeding like hell and was of course, extremely painful. I even had to get my mum to help me de-attach them from me Your turn...
  5. subscribe to my channel for more stupid.
  6. Well, since I found no topics for this I figured I'd start one of my own... The reason? I was on the forums while playing a game, and then a WEIRD glitch happened that made me want to post it. Here's the glitch: I was playing Transformers: War For Cybertron and fighting a boss, when it did something that did not touch me, and all of a sudden I'm through the map and in a puddle of Dark Energon, which instantly killed me...
  7. Basically, post the quotes from steam/game chat that are too hilarious/awesome/retarded to not be recognized. "|42Cdo|Maj.Greedychris |1LDR|: in training one time he made everyone stare at grass for 10 minutes after we lost a clan match"
  8. Hey there everypony! I thought I would start this little thread here to showcase me and my best friends shinnanigans (which we seem to get into daily XD) I'm just gonna be posting up silly little lets plays, some videos and pictures from us bronying up the town :3. So I guess I will kick it off with our first lets play! and part two! :D Sorry about the video being really weird and small, the game only runs in windowed mode so FRAPS recorded a werid tiny video XD. This picture was taken in my Biomed Class! I drew that in like 10 minutes, so thats why it looks kinda crappy XD. Also I was planning on making it Rainbow Dash, but I let my friend color it and she didn't really color it as planned but eh XD These are some pictures we took while looking around for ice cream, ponies and moar ponies. XD \ Best sale evar. Yea well... This was in the sport section at Wal-Mart..... Yeaa... Rainbow Dash approved hardware!! XD So thats it for now, me and Bass are gonna be hanging out later this week. So expect more retarded bronyness coming your way!! :3