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  1. Saw this on a random forum and decided to it could be fun Rules: You have to "ban" the person who posted above you for an outrageous, silly or funny reason! Limit 2 post after yours before banning again!
  2. Example: Poster 1: What's for dinner? Poster 2: 30,000 pounds of bananas. {Harry Chapin} Then poster 2 would ask a question, and it goes from there. Have fun! Start What's your favorite color?
  3. You can reply about the Music Games stuff. likes cytus, beatmania, osu, and others. I know has same topic before, but that topic is Deactived I think. so I Decided submit this topic.
  4. Not so used to starting forum games, but... this one has been spooking through my mind for a while. We all know that VSP is this... pretty silly (and awesome) mod from freak fortress 2, meant as a gamemode for bronies (and anti-bronies) to shoot at (oversized?) characters way more powerful than they have ever been shown (bronies meet fellow bronies, anti-bronies... can shoot ponies :/). But, image if... VSP is actually a canon event, either in the tf2 or mlp-verse (or both)... how would VSP actually have come to exist? What... outlandish situation could have led to ponies fighting the mercs, and the mercs fighting ponies? That, is what all this forum game (hopefully) is about. So, the goal is to write a possible story of how VSP could have come to be. Not definitive (that would be kinda arrogant, unless Raini or Simple write/support it, I suppose) but possible, since... this is just a game after all. Few, ehrm, rules: -You can start in either the TF2 or the MLP-verse. (or break the fourth wall, if you're confident enough) -Any story you come up with should eventually lead to our silly VSP gamemode. -Try to be original. Using certain things from previous posts is fine, but there must be something different. -The crazier, the better! ... as long as it makes perfect sense, of course, in the predefined settings of your story. Meaning, your story should be believable, fantastical sure, but not trolllogic-insane fantastical. -Any genre, if they don't break the site rules, is fine... expect trolly ones. Okay, with that all out of the way... may be the best story win get the most likes be the best story!
  5. Another Simple game. Ship the above user with someone or something! EXAMPLE: Steel X Lyra or Steel X potatoes
  6. Not sure if this counts as a forum game... >> What is your scenario? Mine is Handcuffed for life with Nightmare Moon
  7. Play this game of geopolitics with me. We shall make a global alliance and rule the world through love and tolerance. The game is pretty easy to get a hold of, and really fun once you're into it. Link:
  8. The name says it all..Use only pictures to talk..
  9. I had this cute little idea in mind for an RP. No story, no plot no nothing. Just your OCs and me as Discord. I'll have each one of you put in a different sort of ambient, creating new obstacles and interpreting them every time you surpass the last one, and, determined by wether you fail or not, discord you or not. All ponies, background and OCs alike, are allowed, as long as it isn't the mane six. Every time you are freed or discorded, you may enter another adventure using another character. A maximum of three may join an adventure at any given time. I'll start as soon as I get at least one person, and insert in it anyone else who may want to join. I am also allowed to use your characters to a small extent. For narrative reasons. Let the Games begin!
  10. Well, I've been playing this game recently and looking at the wiki, and i find this game/series actually a very well written community colab. I was wonder if anyone else loved this series, or enjoyed it. Wiki Link: Download Link:
  11. It's a ponified version of SCP containment breach link to game here
  12. Although many of us agree that the rules in general are lame, they are there to protect us and provide us with a more respectable community. In this community we run several different game servers, although I do agree they should have there own set of rules to accommodate the servers' need, there should also be a set of rules that all Ponyville servers should follow such as the No NSFW sprays, all the isms, and homophobia. I personally don't like the idea of not being able to call people fags and such (as I often do off chat and off mic), but if I could you wouldn't like it and I wouldn't like it if someone started calling me such things. I really enjoy this community and the new people that follow, I believe this is something people should be discussing. Many of us believe the rules are somewhat unjust and should change, but like I said, those rules are what protect us. Let me and everyone else know what you think about the rules, should they change or not?
  13. So, after playing a forum game where the point is to answer the previous poster's question with a song's title I thought to myself: "Why can't we answer with some lyrics from a song?" It was then that I got the idea to start this topic. Basically, the rules are to answer the question posted above with lyrics from a song (while posting the song's name and artist) and then to ask your own question. The answer doesn't have to be lyrics from a song you like or hate, the song doesn't have to be any specific genre or anything, and while I prefer everypony to post lyrics that make sense when applied to the question above, you don't have to and can post lyrics that make little to no sense when applied to the question. And the question can be about anything ranging from pony to the end of the world. Quite simple, no? Here's the game format: "Song lyrics" Song Title - Song Artist Question Just to clarify the game's rules and format, I will be posting an answer to the first question and then another question to start off the game. Is everypony ready?
  14. okay so the VGA's are airing on firday, so is anybody gonna watch it and if so what games do you except to win or what games would you like to see nominated
  15. Somebody had to ! As the biggest (probably) Ratchet fan I have the honor to do it :3 Just share your opinion, ok ? I'd say this is my favourite gaming series, period. The original trilogy was superb, and the Future sub series stands on the same level. Sadly, like all good games, it has gone downhill recently. All4One was the first one I never bothered finishing, and to my dissatisfaction, the one which is coming out soon looks like poo... So what's do you think of it ? And which one's your favourite ? Mine's personally Going Commando (R&C2)
  16. Please, watch the trailer before posting here. ANYONE ELSE SUPER HYPED? BECAUSE I SURE AM. This game is just pure amazing. Imagine the online multiplayer. If it's more than 2 people... *squee* Also, the game needs funds. If you want to throw money into the fire developer's pockets, here's a Link.
  17. I don't know if anyone else here signed up for the beta (or even knew of it), but a couple of days ago I received my beta key. I was pretty exited, as I've spent countless hours on TrackMania and consider it one of my favorite games of all time, and I tend to like FPS's (even though i don't play them that much.) It might not be right to judge out of the beta stage, but personally, I'm really disappointed. I don't quite know to describe it, but to me, the game just feels dry, Like I'm missing something... :/ If anyone here have (or not) tried the beta, what are your opinions? Does anyone here share my view, or am I missing something big?
  18. My own program for Tic Tac Toe/Noughts & Crosses, in Lua. If you want to play it, you can paste the code into a .txt file, change the extension to .lua and run it with Lua for Windows. Or, if you don't have Windows, you can run lua52 from one of these: http://sourceforge.n....2/Executables/ Have fun with it. --A nice game of Tic Tac Toe/Noughts & Crosses --By Hexus_One function PrintTable() --Prints the grid. print (" 1 2 3") print ("a " ..q.. "|" ..w.. "|" ..e) print (" -+-+-") print ("b " ..r.. "|" ..t.. "|" ..y) print (" -+-+-") print ("c " ..u.. "|" ..i.. "|" ..o) print () end function CheckWinO() if q == "o" and w == "o" and e == "o" then --Checks row a. win = 1 print (winmessageo) elseif r == "o" and t == "o" and y == "o" then --Checks row b. win = 1 print (winmessageo) elseif u == "o" and i == "o" and o == "o" then --Checks row c. win = 1 print (winmessageo) elseif q == "o" and r == "o" and u == "o" then --Checks col 1. win = 1 print (winmessageo) elseif w == "o" and t == "o" and i == "o" then --Checks col 2. win = 1 print (winmessageo) elseif e == "o" and y == "o" and o == "o" then --Checks col 3. win = 1 print (winmessageo) elseif q == "o" and t == "o" and o == "o" then --Checks dia 1. win = 1 print (winmessageo) elseif u == "o" and t == "o" and e == "o" then --Checks dia 2. win = 1 print (winmessageo) elseif TurnCount == 9 then --Checks for stalemate. win = 1 print (losemessage) end end function CheckWinX() if q == "x" and w == "x" and e == "x" then --Checks row a. win = 1 winmessagex() elseif r == "x" and t == "x" and y == "x" then --Checks row b. win = 1 winmessagex() elseif u == "x" and i == "x" and o == "x" then --Checks row c. win = 1 winmessagex() elseif q == "x" and r == "x" and u == "x" then --Checks col 1. win = 1 winmessagex() elseif w == "x" and t == "x" and i == "x" then --Checks col 2. win = 1 winmessagex() elseif e == "x" and y == "x" and o == "x" then --Checks col 3. win = 1 winmessagex() elseif q == "x" and t == "x" and o == "x" then --Checks dia 1. win = 1 winmessagex() elseif u == "x" and t == "x" and e == "x" then --Checks dia 2. win = 1 winmessagex() elseif TurnCount == 9 then --Checks for stalemate. win = 1 print (losemessage) end end function turnmessage() print ([[+=================+ |NOUGHTS & CROSSES| +=================+ |by Hexus_One| +------------+ ]]) PrintTable() end function clearscreen() if os.getenv("OS")=="Windows_NT" then os.execute("cls") end end beginmessage = ([[+=================+ |NOUGHTS & CROSSES| +=================+ |by Hexus_One| +------------+ TO PLAY: Enter coordinates between 1a and 3c to play. Press Enter to start. ]]) winmessageo = [=[+==============+ |Player O wins!| +==============+]=] function winmessagex() turnmessage() print [=[+==============+ |Player X wins!| +==============+]=] end losemessage = [=[+----------+ |Stalemate.| +----------+]=] error = [[Invalid input. Try again. ]] print (beginmessage) repeat win,TurnCount = 0,0 q,w,e,r,t,y,u,i,o = " "," "," "," "," "," "," "," "," " repeat clearscreen() turnmessage() print ([[Player O's turn. ]]) repeat turn = print () if turn == "1a" and q == " " then q = "o" player = 2 elseif turn == "1b" and r == " " then r = "o" player = 2 elseif turn == "1c" and u == " " then u = "o" player = 2 elseif turn == "2a" and w == " " then w = "o" player = 2 elseif turn == "2b" and t == " " then t = "o" player = 2 elseif turn == "2c" and i == " " then i = "o" player = 2 elseif turn == "3a" and e == " " then e = "o" player = 2 elseif turn == "3b" and y == " " then y = "o" player = 2 elseif turn == "3c" and o == " " then o = "o" player = 2 else print (error) end until player == (2) clearscreen() TurnCount = (TurnCount + 1) turnmessage() CheckWinO() if win == 1 then break end print ([[Player X's turn. ]]) repeat turn = print () if turn == "1a" and q == " " then q = "x" player = 1 elseif turn == "1b" and r == " " then r = "x" player = 1 elseif turn == "1c" and u == " " then u = "x" player = 1 elseif turn == "2a" and w == " " then w = "x" player = 1 elseif turn == "2b" and t == " " then t = "x" player = 1 elseif turn == "2c" and i == " " then i = "x" player = 1 elseif turn == "3a" and e == " " then e = "x" player = 1 elseif turn == "3b" and y == " " then y = "x" player = 1 elseif turn == "3c" and o == " " then o = "x" player = 1 else print (error) end until player == (1) TurnCount = (TurnCount + 1) clearscreen() CheckWinX() until win == 1 print ([=[Would you like to play again? [y/n]]=]) again = clearscreen() until again ~= "y" (If you can improve it in any way, do tell. It's a little messy)
  19. post a picture and give a reason why you do not like this character
  20. It's easy, someone sings a few lines of a song, and the person to post next has to finish out the line. In example- "My name is Pinkie Pie, and I am here to say-" And person two would reply "I'm gonna make you smile and brighten up your day." Then the person would post underneath the name of the song- "Smile Smile Smile." Simple. The lines can go as long or short as wanted, however the response must be at least as long as the beginning, unless the beginning leaves little left to reply. I will begin this thread first with a classic. "With my freeze ray I will stop....the pain. It's not a-"
  21. Well like the title says I am a newbie to tf2 and I was thinking I should start playing the game more often to see how it is and all I only play it couple of time but in practice mode cause I am just just trying to get the hang of the control's and I was wondering what is the best server to go to on here and how do you connect to it and again sorry for the newbie questions. Cause if I start liking the game maybe later on I should start buying different guns and accessories for the characters also whats a good class to start off with right away so then I can move on along with another different type of class once I am use to the game play and all and the environment.
  22. Brick Force is a combination of minecraft and a first person shooter game where you can build you're base like you would do in minecraft and also after building you're base you can have matches against other players. This game is in beta but here is the site where you can signed up to be able to play. here is the site also closed beta begins in february 28th .
  23. Some of you may remember that I am a game designer by trade. Well, my company is launching a new game, one that could be very very big, and very very cool. That game, is Ticker Picker Pro. The game is entirely free to play, and has no microtransactions or advertisements. We will never ask for your money or annoy you will popups and sidebars. The best part, though, is that you can actually win money for playing! That's right, a game that costs nothing to play, has no advertisements, and lets you win money! Sounds cool, right? Ticker Picker Pro gives you 1000 virtual dollars each dayand asks you to invest it in the stock market however you see fit. Want to invest in Apple? Go for it. Think Waste Management is going up today? Pick that. Feel free to mix and match. At the end of the trading day, we'll calculate how your stocks did. If you did better than every other player that day, you get $25! No joke. All you have to do is pick the best stocks for a given day, and you get $25! Even if you didn't do so well today, there's always tomorrow. What's more, every time you play you get entered into our weekly random drawing for another $25! The game takes only minutes to play each day, and is available for your Android, iPad, iPhone, or just online on our website. So the formula is: Play Ticker Picker, pick the winning stocks, and get money! No strings attached, no crazy gimmicks. Only a delay. The first day we're actually paying out prizes will be the 27th of February this year. Up to then it's just playing for fun/pride/bragging rights. Once we get rolling, we plan to increase the prize payout, and we may add weekly or monthly awards as well. Right now we just need to attract lots of users and get them playing every day. This is our big project that we've spent almost a full year on, so we'd really love all the support we can get. Help a brony out, huh? Also, if any of you can get top picker in a day, I'll give you the Officer's Ushanka I found this morning, so Bonus Prizes!
  24. Name a movie that's the next one alphabetically from the one before. Avatar Bad Santa Casablanca Next one starts with D.
  25. This is kenny the Kill the ant game This is a game I found in a forum and decided to share it with you all its an easy game that any one can play. Here are the rules of the game. So one person says a reason the ant didn't die and then tries to kill the ant themselves. Poster one : The ant was stepped on and dies. Poster two : A veterinarian was there to bring the ant back to life then was toss away into the ocean. poster three : A life guard bought the ant back to shore and does cpr on the ant then the ant catches on fire for no apparent reason. So that's pretty much it about the rules of the game. I shall start the post . The ant eater eats the ant ..